Your Social Media Strategy Does NOT Need This

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyWhile everyone else is telling you what your social media strategy needs, HubSpot Blog is ready to tell you what is doesn’t need.
And just in time, too.

In fact, so many people are rushing to create a social media marketing plan they are bound to make mistakes. Mistakes cost time and time is money.

Among their best ideas is one which suggests you should avoid making assumptions about your social media marketing efforts. This is rock solid advice for whatever you are doing, so why not for your social media strategy as well?

Social media is the cool kid on the inbound marketing block right now. Most members of the marketing community are obsessed with the toipc and are moving fast to develop new social media strategies. The problem with many social media strategies though, is that they are bloated and overstuffed with “social media junk.”

The problem is that, as marketers, we have limited staff time and budgets. Social media strategies overloaded with junk that doesn’t help drive business objectives use up precious resources and ultimately lead to the failure of the entire strategy.

Let’s end the days of bloated, junk-filled social media campaigns by making a few important changes.
7 Tactics to Remove From Your Social Media Strategy NOW
1. A Bloated Strategy Doc – Having a clear strategy is important for any aspect of marketing (or business for that matter). The problem is, some businesses use bloated, 50-page strategy documents as a way to avoid actually doing anything or accomplishing real results. Stop this today. Set a deadline for the review and approval of the strategy document and be ready to move forward. The web moves quickly, and being agile is more important than having a document that outline every “What if?” situation.

Click here to read the entire list of tactics to avoid.

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