Your Social Media Presence Must Add Value

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Let’s face it, if you really want to win people over, you need to give them gifts. This is true in the office and it’s just as true in the world of social media. In fact, it’s probably more important online where competition for loyal fans is fierce and users are likely to click “Like” and then simply move on.

Value Is King Online
When it comes to building an impactful social media network, you need to offer the members of that network something of value. This might be something as simple as your knowledge or expertise or something more complicated like a free monthly prize. If you expect people to be truly loyal they need a reason to defend you. They need to become reliant upon you. This only happens if you have something they want.

When it comes to social media it is not the sheer volume of visits you receive, it is your ability to convert those visits into something more tangible, like a sale. Or at least a few words of praise across THEIR social media network.

Social media is not going away any time soon, so the sooner you learn how to leverage it for business success, the better off you will be.

With so much happening online, many users are becoming more selective with what they’re engaging with. As a result, they are becoming less likely to ‘like’, “comment” on and “share” a lot of content. This is particularly bad news for brands, especially for brands that have yet to establish a social media presence. Ifyou haven’t started yet and which don’t yet have an engaged community built, you may be even further behind than you think.

But while the online world might be becoming more crowded by the day, it is an important place to be and there is plenty of opportunity. All you need is the right strategy, realistic objectives and accept that doing social media initiatives well does require marketing funding and commitment. And if you are looking for a strategy that has been tried and tested, look at Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola’s online and social success has depended on their ability to create content that not only adds value to the lives of their fans and followers, but also is strongly tied to their brand essence and principles. According to Wendy Clark, Senior Vice-President of Coca-Cola, they have been able to achieve this by creating content that is both “liquid” and “linked”. Watch the video on You Tube.

Clark believes that in order to succeed, content needs to be able to spread to the furthest points possible and the only way to do this is by creating content that your Facebook fans share on your behalf. Unless your content adds value by entertaining, engaging or informing your Facebook fans, the only thing your content will be is ignored. But no matter how far a piece of content spreads, it must always link back to your brand and your strategy so you can complete your objectives.

Facebook users might be suffering from social media fatigue and they might be becoming more selective with the content they are sharing and engaging with, but one thing that they’ll never get tired of is value. Research, strategise, plan the work… and then work the plan.

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