Your Social Media Campaign Deserves Professional Attention

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyLook, time is money. Everyone knows this. So, if you have a social media marketing campaign which takes time (and it does) then it deserves to be carefully managed by a professional who knows what she is doing.

Sure, just about everyone who has a Facebook account can create a Fan page for your brand, but that is hardly the extent of an effective social media marketing campaign.

A properly managed marketing campaign will use the services which are right for your brand and your message. They will also incorporate traditional marketing efforts and provide a system of analytics for tracing the impact of the marketing campaign they design for you.

Don’t just throw your money (and time) away, make certain you get the return on your investment that you deserve.

It’s interesting to see that so many brands are jumping on the social media band wagon and it’s very sad to see the wheels fall off because of things that could have been avoided had the brand received expert advice. I’ve heard this line so many times “Our marketing executive is great with Facebook”. The ability to use social media or social media advertising tools as an individual does not necessarily mean that one has the ability and strategic thinking to use social media mediums for brands.
Many brands purchase Facebook ads but run meaningless messages that result in useless traffic because people want the latest watch, iPad, laptop etc. This is creating a social media bubble in many companies because of over promise and under delivery of the brands expectations. This is also created by the fact that many companies don’t measure their ROI in financial terms but more in followership or visitor numbers but fail to analyse the quality of followers.

66 out of every 100 people on Facebook and other social networks will by and large ignore an ad when they see it, while barely one in ten (11%) actively pay attention. This is according to research firm Mintel, which conducted a social media related survey in the UK. Mintel found that among the 25-34 demographic – tech aware consumers who are more likely to have family disposable incomes – the number that rarely pay any attention to ads they encounter on social networks goes up to 70%.

The best type of visitor is the type of visitor that heard about you through someone else and spoke about your brand on their wall or discussed you in another form of social conversation. The best way of driving quality traffic to your social media presence is through a great customer experience that encourages your fans to talk about their experience on their social media platforms. A personal and credible endorsement on social media to a group of 1000 people is worth far more because of the multiplier effect than a Social Media ad with 1000 impressions and no personal endorsement.

I am not however advocating non-usage of Social Media ads but it’s critical that we understand advertising not just in terms of “paid” media, but also in terms of how “earned” media (advertising that is passed along or shared among to friends and beyond) and social advocacy contribute to campaigns. Social media ads should be used to amplify existing conversations on social media platforms to get people to take action such as making a purchase.

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