You Are Not a Robot. How to Make Sure Your Social Media Has Soul

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Are you injecting soul into your social media marketing?

If you think about it, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are simply elaborate robots. They’re made up of thousands of lines of computer code, which would make no sense to the average joe. In otherwords, on their own, social networks are utterly soul-less.

What gives them soul? It’s the people that use them. We integrate these networks into the story of our daily lives, and they become meaningful and soulful to us.

(If you’re not sure you agree, just spend a couple of minutes at the website of a defunct social network such as Bebo.)

The Robot at the Soul of Star Wars

“As soon as R2-D2 comes on the set, everyone goes a bit silly.” ~ Ewan McGregor

R2-D2, of Star Wars fame, is the robot everybody loves. Ewan McGregor, who played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, said everyone – including his four year old daughter – was in love with the little guy, who speaks only with a series of high-pitched beeps.

George Lucas, Star Wars writer and director, said R2-D2 is “the main driving force” of the Star Wars movies, and does something to save the day in every episode.

A small droid is the soul – the MacGuffin of the Star Wars series. Yet this isn’t because he stands on the margins, bleeping morse code signals. He’s integral to the plot of the movie, and the lives of the characters in the movie.

Do computers have a soul?

Pop singer singer Bjork was once asked about whether electric music, created on a computer, can be as soulful as music created on violins, pianos and saxophones. Can artificial sounds touch the soul in the same way that music created in the real world does?

Bjork replied:

“If there isn’t soul in the computer YOU didn’t put it there…you can’t blame the computer”

Likewise with Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. If your Facebook page is soul-less, it’s not because it’s a virtual reality, made up of computer code. It’s because you didn’t put your soul into it.

George Lucas gave R2-D2 a soul. Bjork pours her soul into her music.

The electronic can have soul. Social media, though it’s not face-to-face, can be soulful.

What are you doing to inject soul into your social media marketing?

David is Social Caffeine’s acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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