Would You Take Social Media Marketing Advice From Gary Busey? You Should

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social media marketingJohn Rich, music mogul from Nashville, Tennessee, and Academy Award winning actor Gary Busey, know a few things about social media and they would like to share their knowledge with you.
This might sound strange to you, but both Rich and Busey has succeeded at using social media to motivate their fans. They have mastered the Art of the Tweet and developed strong social media marketing networks to further their careers.
Sure, neither of them has 10,000,000 Followers on Twitter like Lady Gaga but they both understand the importance of social media and personal engagement, which is a lot more than can be said for so many other folks who are currently attempting to use social media to promote their business.

The two of them sat down together to talk social media marketing with Top View and as silly as it may sound, they make some great points. As Rich explains, the power of social media is that it has the ability to create a personal connection with another person, a person you may never actually meet. You may not have the pleasure of sharing “cig-ars” with Busey, but you can converse with him on Twitter.

The problem, is that many marketers ignore the personal aspect and go for the sales pitches that were all the rage before the Internet. That’s what Rich calls a homogenized message and they both agree that those messages have no soul.

Rich uses some good old, country common sense to explain how to really connect with an audience. Start by getting personal. Talk about your day. Talk about your issues and your fun and the fact that you’re swapping stories with Gary Busey, then, one day, you say, hey, we’ve got a new CD coming out and I hope you’ll all go out and buy it.

So simple and so right on.

John Rich also makes an excellent point about the power of social media. He tells a story about a hard-working man who wrote a song and put it up on MySpace. Not a singer, not a songwriter, but Rich’s people found it, heard it and bought it. Now the guy has a song in the Top 40.

I know I’ve said that social media isn’t the magic key we hoped it would be, but I believe that it can be. I believe that social media, done right, is one of the most powerful marketing channels around because it’s that rare opportunity to make an instant, one-on-one connection.

Rich and Busey have one warning for social media marketers and that is not overtweeting. Says Rich, “the only reason I’ve ever unfollowed somebody is because they’re wearing me out with stuff I don’t care about and they’re not engaging me at all.”

Click here to read the entire article and watch the interview.

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