Would You Spend 100 Million Dollars To Change Your Image?

by Lori Taylor · 1 comment

Wow, for all the brands crying poor saying they are losing the battle to private brands at the store level, they seem to have a lot of money on “plastic surgery” for their products.

How much is too much?  It’s ironic that every dollar for a social media campaign has to be tied to a measurable result, yet how do you justify a 100 million dollars to change the packaging on V-8 to a box with their “It’s Amazing What A Soup Can Do?” campaign.  It seems to me that too much money is spent trying to be interesting to consumers from a “wow” factor, and less effort being focused on taking the message to the people.

If you had that kind of money, how would you really spend it to get someone to “try” you.  I’m not a proponent of using an aggressive coupon or discount strategy to grow your sales because that can be a very slippery slope.  But I am a believer you should get what you pay for at some point.

How much data could you collect if you asked people how they take soup on the go? Or maybe asking them to “Imagine A Life Without Soup, How Would You Say Good-Bye?” with a video contest and 1 minute eulogies to your favorite Campbell Soups.

That may be why, in an effort to stimulate a rebound, soup giant Campbell tried to shake up the flagging soup category with the introduction of newly branded V8 soups in 2008, packaged in boxes. And why, last September, the canny company launched a $100 million integrated marketing campaign with the theme “It’s Amazing What Soup Can Do” to re-cast its image.

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