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NBA Players Advised About Social Media Use

Still don’t believe social media is a powerful tool? The NBA players are actually being advised how best to use social media to motivate their fans to oppose the NBA owners during contract negotiations. Not to be outdone, the owners are also using social media to rally support.

Both sides rightly expect the ultimate decision will be made in the court of public opinion and both sides know the best way to win in that court is through the use of social media marketing. With more than a billion people actively using some form of social media it is the best way to communicate to a mass audience. Sports enthusiasts make up a large part of this audience, so if you have a sports-related message, get it onto a social media network.

NBA players are among the most active Twitter users out there at the moment. They have millions of fans across a wide demographic and these fans are likely to do just about anything to curry their favor. Asking them to petition the owners to let the NBA season continue without further interruption seems like a simple enough thing to do. The owners on the other hand likely have a much tougher sell when it comes to motivating fans in their favor. It’s going to be difficult to convince fans that the owners need more money when it is fairly common knowledge they already reap millions in ticket sales, merchandising and advertising revenue.

All of this is moot to my point, however. The point I am trying to make is that social media can be a powerful weapon when it comes to public discourse. If you need the voice of the public in your favor there is no better tool than social media marketing. The current protest group “Occupy Wall Street” has been using social media to coordinate similar efforts at cities around the nation. They mobilize mass groups of people, spread their message(s) and stay organized primarily using Twitter and Facebook.

If these groups can make good use of social media then so can you. You can use the same techniques to convince new customers and clients to consider your company, visit your new location or buy your product. It requires an organized approach and a carefully crafted plan, but if the NBA can do it, so can you.

Both sides are using digital communications as a major component of their communications efforts. On the players’ side, Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Derek Fisher, the NBPA president, and New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul launched the “Let Us Play” Twitter campaign on Monday as “an expression of unity for the players,” says Wasserman.

The NBA, meanwhile, is publishing lockout updates on its website, including posting a Q&A guide to the lockout on on Tuesday. The league declined to comment on its communications during the lockout.

However, the players have a natural advantage in reaching consumers via social media, says Bill Holtz, managing partner at Catalyst Public Relations.

“The NBA has been putting out information through their social media channels,” he says. “Are fans as perceptive to it as hearing from the players? My guess is probably not. But to its credit, the NBA seems to be trying to share information.”

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