Will Yahoo’s Brand Kick Ass Again?

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Is Yahoo’s CMO Elisa Steele’s focus on content for the last 2 years going to finally pay off for Yahoo?

In this interview hosted at Marketing Week, Elisa does an excellent job of laying out her plans for building Yahoo into the platform brands choose when wanting to leverage scale to distribute a compelling content strategy.

It’s clear Yahoo was losing the search battle with Google, and even Bing, but still has an impressive number of eyeballs (600 million +) willing to check out whatever you can use as bait to grab their attention.  Is this the way to win the consumer over once and for all?

The real question is will the brands take direction from Yahoo by writing checks to when Yahoo clearly struggles with it’s own branding positioning and focus as it works diligently to decide who it wants to be when it grows up.

Check out what MaryLou Costa from Media Week had to say about the new Yahoo…

Yahoo! is aiming to create more quality content that can make a big impact in multiple channels. For example, last year footballer David Beckham was not only the face of Yahoo!’s global campaign around the World Cup but he gave an exclusive interview to Yahoo!’s Eurosport portal via an online video conference hosted by TV presenter Gabby Logan.

The piece was also linked to Yahoo!’s gaming site. Through a partnership with games developer Zynga, which produces Facebook’s Farmville game, Yahoo! aims to increase its gaming content.

Steele claims Yahoo!’s World Cup activity was “phenomenally successful”, resulting in users spending an extra 14 million minutes on the Yahoo! network. (To put this into context, comScore US results for August 2010 show that people spent 41.1 billion minutes on Facebook, 39.8 billion on Google, and 37.7 billion on Yahoo!.)

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