Will The Disney Brand Become The Next Gerber?

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Disney has gone from a 300 million brand to over 4 billion dollars over the last decade, and has become a trusted brand with moms all over the world.

If Minne and Mickey say it’s good, it must be so right?  Yet there are parents who do get concerned their child is being “overly commercialized” at too young of age and see Disney as a racket.  Will they open their arms to Disney branching out into food, diapers, wipes, etc – over proven brands like Gerber or others?

Only time will tell.  But I can tell you this, if I was Disney I’d be thinking “why not”?  They might be late to the game, but don’t count them out.  Their brand authority and trust is ingrained into toddlers at such a young age, what better way to guarantee your baby gets into their marketing funnel, than to be top of mind the minute they are born?

Strategic partnerships for distribution of any brand is key – and Disney’s approach with companies at your bedside at the time of birth is well, very Disney like – genius.

In reality, Disney already makes products for babies, but typically through licensing arrangements, such as the one with Kimberly-Clark, which makes Huggies diapers. Through Disney Baby, however, the company will be able to consolidate baby products under one brand. Of course, that puts Disney into a competitive situation with companies like the Nestle division Gerber, long a well-known name in baby food, insurance, and babywear (Gerber created and trademarked “Onesie”).

Disney hopes to leverage its strong name with the goal of moving down a notch from preschoolers; that’s the time when a lot of families get turned onto Disney brands through the Disney Channel. In fact, on February 14 Disney plans to launch a new channel just for preschool viewers called Disney Junior.

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