Why Your Customers Do What They Do On Social Media

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social media marketingAlan Zorfas, at Marketing Daily, has a great post talking about the importance of understanding why your customers do what they do on social media. Zorfas suggests it is more important to know why your social media customers “Like” something you post than the fact that they do “Like” it. I couldn’t agree more!
If you don’t understand why your company received a certain response for customers how can you be expected to replicate that marketing success? Understanding social media is just as important as knowing how set-up a Fan page or use a Twitter account. You still need to understand your customers, their motivations and their desires. Once you understand this, then you can really start marketing to them–whether you use social media to do it or not.

Unfortunately, what’s measured by social media as well as traditional market research largely misses the upside of consumer connection. And without tangible, data-driven intelligence on connection, marketers and their agencies will be more reluctant to go out on a limb to recommend emotionally driven creative ideas.

For example, satisfaction has been a measure of customer loyalty for decades, but it alone doesn’t explain why a customer becomes a brand advocate. Nor does it really address what may attract a prospective customer to the brand in the first place. New consumer connection data from Motista illustrates this.

We recently analyzed the levels of connection for social media moms and non-social media moms in two disparate categories: banking and eReaders. We looked beyond what moms were saying in social media to focus on what was truly motivating them to advocate for their eReader or bank. We found that moms who feel emotionally connected to their eReaders and banks are far more likely to advocate for their brands in social media, recommend their brands directly to friends, be more loyal and purchase additional products.

While connected and non-connected moms both give their brands almost identical scores on satisfaction, features and quality, connected eReader moms are significantly more likely to feel that their eReader brand helps them be closer to loved ones, express who they want to be and fit in with friends. The same kind of emotional connection was revealed in the banking study with all segments and categories across the spectrum.

Can’t You Draw the Same Conclusions about Connection from Social Media?

A lot has been riding on social media and sentiment analysis to derive insight into consumers, because knowing what consumers are saying about your products is, of course, important. However, consumers do not readily reveal their true and personal motivations in this forum.

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