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No doubt if you have been using Klout you saw your score drop a significant amount recently. Klout was already facing a litany of complaints from people who questioned exactly what it measured and how it calculated its scores. When Klout released a new algorithm that decreased nearly everyone’s score 9at least everyone I know–if your score went up, please let me know) people started griping that the whole system was a farce.

And they were right to be skeptical. Klout has bent over backwards to make a secret of how exactly it measured a users influence. They say it is a score based on the social media content you post and how much that content is passed around. However, some users complain that although they post an abundance of social media content and that content is shared regularly, their scores do not increase. It also does not help Klout’s cause that they measure a users Instagram accounts and Last.fm, which do little for relationship building, yet they have all but ignored Google+, arguably the fastest growing social media network yet conceived.

Surely the truth about whether or not Klout is a true measure of your social media success is somewhere in the middle. They surely cannot be faulted for keeping a secret about how their algorithm works. Google has been doing that for years. They can also be excused if their system is not perfect. Nobody has yet found a way to truly measure the effectiveness of a person’s social media network. If someone had come up with a more effective system for measuring social media reach we would all be using it.

So, for lack of anything better we are all using Klout. Some of us like it, some of us don’t. Some of us are suspicious about their motives and techniques, and some of us are not. But all of us are being measured, calculated and collated as far as our ability to use social media effectively.
But that doesn’t mean we need to be happy about it.

Klout Skeptics Say:

Qualitative vs. Quantitative—Not everything you do on social media networks can be calculated into a number. For this reason, Klout numbers really do not matter–they simply cannot measure everything you do online.
Web Analytics—There are web analytics available that will help you determine the success of your website. These web analytics can be helpful, so people need to focus on these software and/or sites before worrying about a Klout score. If a company owner spends too much time worrying about Klout score, they may miss other opportunities that could have had far more influence.
Scoring Adjustments Made—Recently, Klout changed its scoring system, which caused most people’s Klout Scores to go down significantly. Many are taking this change to mean the scores never really meant anything in the first place.

Click here to read more about the pro’s and con’s of Klout.

How happy are you with your current Klout score? Tell me in the comments below.

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