(Why) Radio Still Doesn’t Get Social Media

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Listen To The Sounds Of Silence

Television has ceased resisting the encroachment of social media into their territory and started reaping huge benefits from the effort. Unlike television, however, radio continues to resist social media at every turn, instead focusing on brandishing its own sword–the ability to spread messages across the air waves as it has done for a century.

Of course radio only reaches so far while social media reaches around the world.

Unfortunately, this fact seems to be lost on radio executives and industry insiders who still just don’t get it. They still pigeon-hole social media as a time sink, and social media users as time wasters, even as they watch advertising revenue slowly slip away, moving instead to markets which learn to play well with others–specifically, social media.

Social media is not the enemy of traditional media. In fact, it seems to me that social media can be the savior of old school mediums like television and radio by showing they are still hip and relevant. Social media is an effective marketing tool for anyone with a message they want to get out to an ever widening audience. Whether you are selling vacuum cleaners or air-time, you have a product you want to offer customers. If your customers are human beings located in any civilized part of the world they are likely to be found visiting one of the many different social media sites. Facebook has more than 750 million users, surely a fair number of YOUR customers can be found there.

Why wouldn’t you want to be where your customers are?

I believe much of the opposition to social media stems more from resentment than from any actual belief that it is an ineffective marketing tool. This type of thinking is not only wrong, it is a recipe for disaster for any industry which is already facing a declining revenue stream.

You can’t measure ROI when you don’t bring value to the audience experience, and when there’s no defined meaning to what you’re even doing in the first place.

Social platforms are some of the greatest gifts ever bestowed on the radio industry. With them, you can:

* Monitor and stay ahead of conversations about your brand and your audience’s lifestyles, and translate what people are saying into opportunities to better connect with them.
* Build effective gateways to your station’s website with properly composed posts.
* Increase your website metrics and brand authority by using social networks to move listeners to your best and most compelling content
* Tap into a whole new league of listeners – those who want a stronger relationship with your radio station, who have the propensity to share your content with their audiences, and would love to become “brand advocates” for higher visibility and more station listening and usage.

But in order to understand the benefits of social media and its fragmented audiences, radio needs to invest the time and energy to learn. Here are some start points:

Social networking accounts for one out of every six minutes spent online in US.
comScore June 2011

Click here to read more about radio and social media.

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