Who Monitors Your Social Media?

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You Are Monitoring Your Social Media, Right?

I am always astounded when, during the course of discussing a social media plan, a client looks at me confused when I mention “social media monitoring.” Many times they say simply, ‘oh, I’ll keep an eye on it’ and I chuckle.

The fact is, social media requires near constant monitoring. This is not simply to make certain no one posts dirty words or reveals the secret ingredient to your tomato sauce, it’s also one of the only ways you have of knowing how effective your social media network is. Dropping a seed in the ground and watering it every now then does not constitute gardening. Neither does an occasional glance at your Facebook page and an offhand comment here or there constitute social media monitoring.

Social media monitoring is all about staying on top of your network, responding to comments posted, linking to relevant facts and posts and helping spread your message. If you are not active on your social media network people will notice. You could set up an automated account, if you want everyone to think you have the utmost contempt for social media and the people who use it. No, you need a real person monitoring every aspect of your network, watching what works, what gets the responses you are looking for and what you should avoid doing in the future.

So far there are no hard and fast rules for managing an effective social media network. It is still a game of hit or miss. Every social media network is different and therefore every social media network requires its own fine tuning to create the returns you are looking for.

Lori Taylor is the first person to start talking about the importance of having a very specific call-to-action, and for good reason. Your call-to-action is the piece of the puzzle that matters most. Maybe it’s “sign-up for our newsletter” or maybe it’s “buy our product” but whatever it is, it’s the lynch pin of your entire social media network. By monitoring your social media network carefully we can ensure that your call-to-action is being properly promoted and people in your network are being directed to it.

Social media monitoring shouldn’t be an after thought when it comes to designing your social media network. It should be your FIRST thought.


Social Media Information is Only One Piece of Data, and Can’t Stand Alone

Why is integrating social and business data important? Because connecting multiple forms of data gives companies:

* Holistic measurement. Collecting social data – the number of Tweets about a product or number of Facebook fans – to understand a brand’s performance only shows part of the measurement picture. Companies must integrate social data into their measurement practices – like Web traffic, sales or offline research – for a complete view of brand performance.

* Deeper research insights. Integrating social data with customer research provides businesses with solicited opinions from customers and unsolicited insights from online conversations. But just monitoring social media for customer opinions can quickly steer you wrong with one-off angry customers. To get a full picture of public opinion, companies must connect and reconcile online opinions with their survey data and other existing research.

* Informed customer relationships. Businesses understand that the more information they have on their customers, the more effectively they can connect with them. Putting customer data in the right hands allows for improved direct marketing, scalable influence marketing and tiered customer support. But today, most companies fail to tie these practices to social media. By connecting social data to customer data, businesses can build stronger customer relationships across various touchpoints.

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