Who Cares About Your Social Media Message?

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You Are Posting But Is Anyone Listening?

Recently I saw a survey which showed that in Asia, social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of online advertising because users there trust the messages they see via social media more than they do any other online ads. Now a new survey is out which seems to show the reverse is true in places like the United Kingdom and Latin America. This might have something to do with the brands and messages they hear from or might have something to do with the proliferation of affiliate marketing messages used in these areas.

Either way, it does not mean social media marketing is pointless anywhere but China. It means you need to be more focused on what messages you are sending out. Social media marketing is relationship marketing. As with real world relationships, we respond differently to different messages based on who we are and where we are from. Just as we maintain different relationships with different people in our everyday lives we must face the fact that we will build different relationships with the different people we encounter online.

Before you discount your social media marketing efforts ask yourself a few simple questions. First, how carefully do you tailor each social media message for your audience? Do you know who that audience is and what they are looking for from your company/brand/service? Are you giving them a specific way to respond? Do you follow-up on their questions, comments or concerns? Are you active on your social media network or does it languish unused and neglected for days at a time?

Social media marketing is just like any other marketing technique you might have used. Before it becomes effective you need to plan, schedule and fine tune the specifics so you can home in on the specific audience you are trying to reach. You need to hone your message so the words are as effective as possible in delivering the results you need. And most of all, especially with social media marketing, you need to be active on your network.

If you can master social media marketing you have the opportunity to reach a global audience and open markets for product a world away. If you don’t, then you’d have just as much success shouting your message out the window.


A recent survey, carried out by TNS, has suggested that users of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, aren’t interested in the social media marketing campaigns carried out by big brands, according to an article published by the Guardian.

Despite the increasing number of campaigns implemented by big brands – such as Tesco, Burberry and Pepsi – on social media, around 61 per cent of Internet users in the United Kingdom stated that they had no interest in engaging with them.

Results for other regions varied slightly but with the same sentiment remaining; 45 per cent of the respondents from Latin American countries and a further 57 per cent from other developed nations also stated that they didn’t want to be bothered by big brands.

Click here to see more results of the survey.

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