What’s Your Social Media ‘Klout’ Score?

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Klout Does An About Face

Have you checked your Klout score lately? Chances are it’s changed a great deal in the past week and not because of anything you’ve done. Klout changed the algorithm it uses to calculate scores for its users and this has led to some drastic changes in scores. Some users saw their score drop dramatically, while others saw their score increase.

The question you might find yourself asking is, what does it all mean? Should I change my behavior based on a score?

No. That’s the short answer.

The rules for using social media have never changed, no matter who is scoring what. Content and integrity remain the online currency of choice. Be active online and pass along information which is relevant to both your industry and your social partners. Nobody wants to receive a constant stream of self-congratulatory posts from you. They want you to share what you know, whether it originated with you or not. They also expect you to reciprocate. Don’t be afraid to pass along cool information you glean from the people in your social network.

Don’t be shallow.

Make certain there is depth to your social media presence. Reach inside yourself and share the pieces which are both appropriate and helpful to the people in your network. Sharing is good. Expressing yourself is even better, just be certain it is appropriate and within the topic at hand. Integrity is everything. If someone starts a conversation with you, be certain you participate. If they share your information, look for something of theirs you can share in return.

Klout scores are great because at least they can give you a snapshot of how well you are interacting online. But that’s all they are, is a snapshot. If you really want to know how well you are using social media, evaluate how effectively you communicate with the people in your network and how engaged they are with you.

The recent algorithmic change caused many people’s scores to drop substantially rather than increase. For some who take their Klout scores very seriously, it made them pretty upset.

Of course, while some individuals saw their scores drop, others saw their score remaining stable or even increasing. And while the serious users were caught whining about their scores on Twitter and Facebook, others were saying, “who really cares?”

I get it. After all, a number that was formulated by an algorithm doesn’t directly change how you’re able to engage with others or the way people respond to you over social media. It’s just a number, right?

My score fell eight full points from 53 to 46, which was enough to take me out of the “Specialist” category and classify me as a “Networker” instead. Perhaps I should be angry like so many others, but I’m really not.

Click here to read more about the recent Klout score changes.

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