What Lori’s Reading: Issue #017 [Social Media Crazy Edition]

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CrazyEvery weekend I give you the tastiest treats from everything I’ve shared on Twitter and Facebook over the past week.

This is the content I’ve hand picked from across the Internet because I think it’s worth your quality time.

This week’s episode has a touch of the crazy. We’ve got the very public meltdown of Amy’s Baking Company on national TV and Facebook, ridiculous social media titles, the the six anxieties of social media.

We’ll also look at the secrets behind making your brand a social media success story.

This is the reading material I’ll be soaking up this weekend. Enjoy!

Lessons From Amy’s Baking Company: Six Things You Should Never Do On Social Media (Forbes)

Who hasn’t seen the Kitchen Nightmares fiasco of Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro? That is, unless you’ve been on vacation on another planet.

Kelly Clay shares 6 lessons that can be learned from ABC’s public social media meltdown.

21 Ridiculous Social Media Job Titles (memeburn)

From Director of Chat Marketing to Social Media Missionary, these job titles are totally crazy. See them all here.

The Six Major Anxieties of Social Media (NY Mag)

Did you know that over four in ten (42%) American mothers suffer from “Pinterest stress” – the fear that they’re not creative enough? This article associated with the major social networks, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

The Hidden Factors That Drive Social Media Behavior and Success (ClickZ)

This thoughtful and thought-provoking article by John Lee looks at the power of the social end user, and the real secrets behind social media success.

Social Media for Business: Do You Really Know Your Audience? (marketing nutz)

Banish random acts of marketing and give your campaigns a focus by getting to know your audience. Pam Moore shows you how (includes worksheet download).

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