What Lori’s Reading: Issue #016 [Power of 4 Edition]

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List 4Every weekend I give you the tastiest treats from everything I’ve shared on Twitter and Facebook over the past week.

This is the content I’ve hand picked from across the Internet because I think it’s worth your quality time.

This week’s episode is all about the power of four. I give you four tips to simplify your social media marketing, four creative ways to generate leads on Twitter, and the four key components of a successful online marketing strategy.

You’ll also get 8 (4 x 2) ideas for Pinterest boards and 3 (4 – 1) Twitter tools you can start using today to track your metrics.

This is the reading material I’ll be soaking up this weekend. Enjoy!

Tackle Social Media Marketing with These 4 Tricks (Forbes)

Do social media scheduling tools put you in a tizz? Does the thought of posting to multiple networks leave you overcome with a feeling of dread? Get back to basics (and avoid third party social media apps) with these four time saving tricks. This barebones approach is a great way to streamline how you update your social networks.

4 Components of a Successful Internet Marketing Strategy (HubSpot)

There’s no such thing as SEO pixie dust. That’s one lesson you’ll walk away with after reading this article. Also, find out what bases you need to have covered to give your online business the best possible chance of success. It’s all here.

4 Creative Ways to Use Twitter to Generate Leads (Under 30 CEO)

We all know Twitter is teeming with potential customers, but how do you hook them up with your business? The answer is to use your imagination, and here are four ideas to get your mind ticking.

8 Pinterest Boards Worth Creating For Your Business (Entrepreneur.com)

Are you just starting out on Pinterest and wondering how it all works? Or maybe you’ve got to grips with the basics, and you’d like to know how to attract a wider audience. Find out the 8 Pinterest boards your business must have to pull in customers. (Bonus material: discover the best times to post on Pinterest to win followers and repins).

3 Twitter Analytics Tools That Work Well Together (Chatter Buzz)

Twitter is one of the few remaining social networks that doesn’t provide built-in analytics tools. To track the rise and fall of your follower numbers, how much you’re being retweeted, and how far and wide your tweets are being spread, take a look at these three tools recommended by Chatter Buzz. (Bonus tip: It’s also a good idea to track clicks. You can do this with bit.ly, Hootsuite or Buffer App).

In the News: LinkedIn now gives you the option of adding a visual portfolio to your profile – perfect for visual professionals such as photographers and designers. WIRED has the in depth coverage.

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