What Lori’s Reading: Issue #014 [Top Women Social Media Influencers Edition]

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TrophyEvery weekend I give you the tastiest treats from everything I’ve shared on Twitter and Facebook over the past week.

This is the content I’ve hand picked from across the Internet because I think it’s worth your quality time.

In this week’s episode, I show you the women whose voices matter when it comes to social media marketing (yes, you’re in safe hands here). I’ll also show you how to find your most valuable Twitter followers, and why when you schedule your social media sharing matters (no more random spray and pray for you!).

This is the reading material I’ll be soaking up this weekend. Enjoy!

The Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers (Forbes)

Haydn Shaunghnessy’s been at it again. He’s crunched the numbers with Peek Analytics and uncovered the top 20 women influencers on social media. (Hint: Pay special attention to #17).

The 7 most interesting social media studies and what to learn from them (buffer)

Did you know social networks account for a fifth of all time spent online? Plus, all around the world, women spend more time on social networks than men. Discover more fascinating facts and what they mean for your business in this summary of social media studies from Buffer App.

All-in-One Social Media Checklist (Nicole Munoz)

Get back to basics with Nicole Munoz. Are you buttering your bread right on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn? Take a look at this article to see if you’re missing a trick. Also, take a look at this in depth Facebook checklist from Socially Stacked.

75% Of Facebook Engagement Takes Place During The First 180 Minutes (exploreB2B)

The time you post really do matter. That’s according to new research outlined by exploreB2B, which shows half of all Facebook likes and shares on a post happen within an hour after it is first posted.

How to Find Your Most Valuable Twitter Followers (Advanced Web Ranking)

Does your website have a secret fanbase on Twitter who are driving your traffic? Dig into the stats to find out who are you real greatest fans. You might be in for a happy surprise.

Plus, if you’re looking to integrate Twitter with your blog or website, check out these Twitter plugins for WordPress.

BONUS: Is Facebook ruining your life? Did you check out Social Caffeine’s Digital Diet 2013 challenge?

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