What Lori’s Reading: Issue #011 [Twitter Bugbear Edition]

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BugbearEvery weekend I give you the tastiest treats from everything I’ve shared on Twitter and Facebook over the past week.

This is the content I’ve hand picked from across the Internet because I think it’s worth your quality time.

In this week’s episode, I show you what you must NEVER write in your Twitter biography or in Twitter updates. I also take an in-depth look at the changes coming to Facebook’s timelines and newsfeeds. Oh, and Pinterest is getting metrics. Big news, people.

This is the reading material I’ll be soaking up this weekend. Enjoy!

25 Terrible Things You Should Never Include In Your Twitter Bio (Media Bistro)

Most people will decide whether or not to follow you on Twitter based on your bio. That’s a lot of pressure on 160 characters. How do you decide what to include? What are the biggest turn-offs? Here are 25 of the worst Twitter bugbears. Ignore at your peril.

REVEALED: The 10 Most Annoying Status Updates On Twitter And Facebook [STUDY] (Media Bistro)

So your Twitter bio is sorted, but what if your updates are turning away potential fans and followers? A recent study by eCommerce site Sweatband.com asked survey respondents for their least favorite updates with some surprising results. Check out the updates best kept to the confines of your mind.

A Cheat Sheet To Increase Brand Engagement On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC] (Design Taxi)

What day of the week is the best for brands to Tweet? Is it really worth curating content and sharing links? Does it matter whether you include an image? What’s the ideal length of a Tweet? Design Taxi has all the answers in its Twitter Cheat Sheet.

Facebook begins rolling out new one-column Timeline with increased emphasis on interests (TNW)

Facebook is streamlining the Timelines of its one billion users. The update also offers improved app integration so users will find it easier to share their interests. The update will be rolled out over the next few weeks. Find out more over at TMW. BONUS: Facebook is also overhauling its News Feed. Mashable explains what’s happening.

Pinterest Launches Web Analytics to Help You Pin Down Traffic (Entrepreneur.)

It’s a well known fact that social media marketing is becoming increasingly visual, and Pinterest is at the cutting edge of visual social marketing. Yet until now, Pinterest hasn’t provided any tools for tracking metrics and traffic. That’s all changing, as Braun Patrick explains.

We also loved this infographic on using visual social media marketing to boost engagement and Lifehack’s article on 10 of the biggest time killers that drain the productivity of business owners and employees.

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