What Lori’s Reading: Issue #004 [Mega Lists Edition]

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2013 GoalsIn my weekend list, I give you the best of the best from everything I’ve shared on Twitter and Facebook over the past week.

This is the content I’ve hand picked from across cyberspace that I think is worth spending time with to properly absorb it.

In this week’s episode, I share some of the best mega lists to help you make the most of social media 2013.

Here’s what I’ll be soaking up this weekend.

40 Ideas for Your 2013 Social Media Plan (Radian 6)

Now we’re into February, you need to make sure your social media plan is polished to shiny perfection.

Check out these 40 ideas. Not all of them will be for you, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar you’ll have one lightbulb moment reading this list.

Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter (B2B Marketing Insider)

Want to spruce up your Twitter follow list for 2013? Michael Brenner of B2B Marketing Insider has put together a list of Twitter’s top 50 influencers in B2B marketing.

Remember to introduce yourself to anyone you follow.

10 Types of Social Media Updates—How Many Are You Using? (Michael Hyatt)

Variety is the spice of social media.

If you’re running out of ideas for Tweets and Facebook updates, Michael Hyatt gives you the lowdown on what you could (and should) be doing to hot things up. Includes examples.

18 Facebook Fossils We’ll Remember Forever (Mashable)

Take a wander down memory lane with Mashable’s overview of how Facebook used to be.

Honestly? I’d already forgotten at least half of these dusty old features.

But if you’re anything like me you will nod with recognition, and it’s fascinating to see how Facebook has evolved into the cumbersome, worldwide beast it is today.

9 Steps to Better Blog Post Ideas (Dukeo)

Need an idea fast? Check out these nine ideas to keep your inspiration flowing and your blog posts fresh.

Bonus Reading: The Path to Social Media Success in 2013: A 12-Month Plan (Infographic). This infographic is designed to help small business break down their game plan for social media success into small, manageable goals.

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