What Is Your Social IQ?

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Many people are passionate about their topics and have well laid out plans to take the world by storm, so how come you only hear crickets or get a thumbs up for your mom, who seems to be your only reader?

Is it you? Is it your content? Why do you continue to miss the mark?

Do you know who you are?  Does your voice you use to communicate your thoughts resonate with your readers?  Are you authentic and original?

How can you clarify your points better so your audience takes away incredible value and craves more from you?

It takes more than voice to get your blog off the ground.  It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd, so vanilla words and watered down ideas aren’t enough to get them interested.  The good news is, with just a few tweaks you can potentially take your brand to the next level by simply changing your approach.

Have you ever noticed how popular bloggers have a knack for writing about their readers’ hopes and frustrations? Popular blogs sound like they were written just for you. The comments are filled with statements like, “This is just what I needed to hear,” or “Wow, I could have written those same words.”

Successful bloggers build the confidence of their readers, not just themselves. They create rapport by making readers feel valued, one person at a time.

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