What Is Your Branded Content Strategy For Facebook Fan Page?

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It seems so easy to set up a Facebook Fan page and brands are flocking to Facebook in droves.  They can’t wait to give a free offer or coupon just in the hopes their brand will be the most popular.  All brands are striving for the holy grail of an Old Spice Campaign, and even if you explain going viral is not an outcome, it’s a happening they still are as hopeful as a retiree at a gas station buying a lottery ticket…

And less likely to win.

Which is why you need to mean more to your customers than just the “Deal of the Day”.  Couponing has never been a long term successful retention strategy for good customers.  Yes, it seems to be an evil necessity, but at the same time I’d caution – be careful what you ask for.  The only large company in America profitable with  an “everyday low prices” is Wal-Mart – good luck trying to beat them at their game.

A compelling content strategy is necessary if you want to attract a “sticky” customer who comes back again and again – not to cherry pick with clipped coupons or the latest QR offer – but to get something from you they can’t get anywhere else, even if it’s just a -beep beep – buzz word alarm – “brand experience”.

“Great content can generate insights and build branding goodwill, and improve brand recall. Great content can increase marketing mileage, can correct and create perceptions, and can go viral – the holy grail of social media marketing.”

Brand content, according to Duxbury, is made up of photos, video, polls, ads, audio, graphics, links, coupons, questions, answers, information, articles, offers and discounts. User-generated content (UGC) includes comments, questions, criticism, praise, photos, video, links and spa, she said, adding that content is not for “commitment-phobes”.

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Kapil April 12, 2011 at 8:47 am

Yes, content is truly the king of social media marketing. An effective content strategy can really help in generating amazing response for your social media campaign.


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