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Frustration Ends Now (Hopefully)

If you’ve been frustrated by the lack of a business profile section on Google+, relax. They launched their new Google+ Pages section this week with some added features, better privacy controls for users and an ease-of-use that is astoundingly simple.

All that’s left is for people to start signing up.

Unfortunately for Google+, these pages weren’t available a few months ago when interest in the new service was at an all-time high and millions of people were signing up every week. Now that surge of interest has slowed to all but a trickle and some are wondering whether Google+ is worth their effort. Especially when you consider that with fewer than 50 million users (mostly tech-savvy early adopters) Google+ still lags far behind social media behemoth Facebook which now boasts more than 800 million users worldwide.

However, Google has said their new social media is not meant to compete directly with Facebook. Instead it is a new way for users to integrate the multitude of Google services under one umbrella. The fact is has a social media function as well seems to be an after thought for Google.

It doesn’t hurt their chances that Google+ Pages, as with all Google+ content will now be searchable and appear in search results made with the world’s largest search engine. This alone makes having a presence on Google+ well worth the time it takes to create one. (Which isn’t very long at all.)

If you haven’t checked out the new Google+ Pages yet, now is the time. Secure your business, brand or blog now before (or in case) the gold rush moves into full swing.



So is this actually valuable for businesses and consumers?

Well, since Google is integrating these pages into its search formula, it’s bound to have an impact. And since users will be able to add businesses to their Circles from within Google Search, businesses will certainly have an incentive to join up. By searching for a company with a + before the company name you can choose to add that company to your Circles. Google is calling this Direct Connect.

On the plus side for consumers, Pages can’t add users to their circles until users have added the page – which should cut down on Google Plus spam. Google’s privacy record isn’t perfect, but it’s still a step up from what Facebook has on offer.

Pages are easy to create, too. In fact, I just created one for the blog I run, The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, which you can add to your Circles here.

Click here to read more about Google+ Pages.

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