Warning: You’ve Lost Control of Your Brand

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Personal Branding Is your Personal Taste

Yesterday,  I had an interview with Jason Falls for my radio show One Click Society (shameless plug, I know – but it was a great show, so…) who told to me he was from a small town, population 7500, according to “the sign”.  Jason went on to explain why this was relevant to how he has evolved as a thought leader in social media.

He said he didn’t do business with the top insurance company, the best grocery store, or even a top doctor in town – he did bought this products and services from Bert, Annie and Jimmy.  Basically what he was trying to  people want to buy from people, not brands – and he is no different (and neither are you!).

The “people” who are the face of your brand would include, but are not limited to – the receptionist, your intern, the customer service reps, the employees on Twitter and Facebook, other customers, the list goes on and on. So if you are a small business and you don’t think branding is important, then neither do any of these people, and therefore neither do any of their “people”…

One of the most common mistakes most small businesses make is undermining the importance of branding. One of the reasons for this could be their inability to realize the impact that a brand has on the marketability of its products/services. Here is a look at why branding is relevant, even for small businesses…

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