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There has been a lot of talk recently about improperly managed social media networks can have devastating effects on your business and personal life. From lost jobs to lost clients to lost wages–it mostly comes down to the impact it can have on your wallet. If this information scares you, it should. Social media is a powerful force and if you fail to manage it properly the results could very well be devastating.

Take Precautions
Among the smartest moves you can make is to hire a social media professional (Like Lori R Taylor) to help you sort out what information you are putting out there and who is seeing what. The other thing you can do is to be proactive about your social media profile. Don’t upload information you don’t want people to see. This should be the millionth time you have heard that adage, so it’s long past due for you to follow it.

Be Smart
The second you can do to protect yourself is to go on the offensive about the information that is available about you on the social media networks. Put out as much positive information as you can and back it up with references, photos, videos–anything that can help you make the case that you are as knowledgeable as you claim to be and anything people hear to the contrary is false.
Remember, the best defense is a good offense.

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