Understanding Social Media Returns

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When it comes to determining just how your social media network is impacting your business is still a subjective process, leaving many marketers scratching their heads. What makes for a successful social media marketing campaign? What goals should be set? How reasonable should those goals be? What should you be looking for to judge your social media marketing success?

These are great questions that every social media manager should have thought about before they sat down to work. So far social media analytics is still in its infancy, leaving many people with nothing but a jumble of numbers to help them understand whether or not their hard work is paying off. It is simply not enough to count fans or Followers or Friends, marketers need specific, attainable goals. They need to know exactly what it is you want from your social media network before they get busy helping you. You should have a clear idea of what YOU want so they can help you achieve it.

When it comes to social media marketing it is important to understand what you are marketing and who you are marketing it to. It is also crucial to know how effective their marketing efforts are. If you do work you should be able to judge how good that work is and whether or not it meets the expectations of your client. In order to do that the client needs to give you clear instructions on what they want and what they expect.

Professional social media marketers know how difficult it is to gauge social media analytics. For this reason they will sit down with their clients before any work begins and establish a very detailed plan that includes information about what is expected and how their success will be monitored and judged. Without a well-defined social media plan there are few ways of determining how effective their efforts are.

Do yourself a favor and have a good idea of what you hope to gain from your social media marketing efforts before you sit down with a professional social media marketer. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to gauging their success, be honest about it and they can provide you with some choices that will help you increase your chances for success.

Data from the August 2011 Chief Marketer “2011 Social Marketing Survey” found that only 26% of marketing professionals saw amassing total followers as an aim for social media marketing. More popular goals included driving traffic to a website (66%), generating sales or leads (48%), and identifying and addressing brand fans (47%).

So what have marketers been doing to reach these goals for social media outreach? The most popular tactic among survey respondents was including a social sharing button in emails or on a company website, with 69% of respondents saying they did that. Additionally, 59% offered unique content for social media fans and followers, 58% had a Facebook “like” button on their websites and social pages, and 54% posted videos to social video sites.

Despite the fact that the goals and tactics used by marketers focus on engagement, measurement tactics still focus on numbers. Chief Marketer found that 60% of respondents counted the number of friends, followers and likes as a leading method of measuring social media marketing success. Additionally, 39% highlighted sharing, forwarding, retweeting and posting brand content, while 35% said they track qualified leads from social media.

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