UK Businesses Not Tweeting (Much)

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You might think that everyone who has something to market is using Twitter, but that simply is not the case. In fact, a great number of businesses in the UK have turned their backs on the nano-blogging site, Twitter. Why they have not embrace the mirco-blogging kingpin is still unknown, but those are the facts.

A new poll shows fewer than 50 percent of all UK businesses have embraced Twitter. This means either they know something the rest of the marketing world doesn’t, or their marketing professionals are still living in the 20th century.

Having just celebrated its fifth birthday just last week (July 15), Twitter is one of the most important platforms in social media marketing.

Recent research undertaken by Virgin Media Business, however, has shown that just nine per cent of the 500 UK retailers it surveyed said that they utilised Twitter purely for business purposes.

Even more surprisingly, the results have also shown only 36 per cent overall actually used any of the social media platforms, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Not all major retailers are ignoring the power of Twitter; Topshop, in particular, with its 1.3 million followers, has shown the clear demand for the customer-brand engagement that Twitter provides.

Customer service director for Virgin Media Business, Phil Steward, hailed the impact of Twitter.

He said: “Since its founding, Twitter has changed the way we shop and engage with brands and, as such, has become a fantastic tool for customer engagement.”

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