UFC Embraces Social Media

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social media marketingYou might think UFC fighters are all guts no brains, but they are just as social as the next fighter. In fact, starting now they will be even more social, thanks to efforts from the UFC to make all their competitors participate in social media. Open a Twitter account, get on Facebook, embrace the fans, that is the message from UFC to their fighters.
A great strategy.
With social media you can put a human face on the competition that is often pegged as brutal and too violent for some audiences. True, it is brutal and violent by some standards, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Or popular. Fans are clamoring for more UFC competitions and it is becoming one of the most popular sports available. By including a social media strategy they can reach even more people and put a more positive spin on their competitions.

TORONTO — With more than 1.4 million followers, UFC president Dana White knows the power of Twitter.

And he wants his fighters to harness it.

So the mixed martial arts organization is challenging UFC and Strikeforce fighters to get creative with the social media tool.

The more than 300 fighters were briefed on the plan at this week’s fighter summit in Las Vegas.

According to a UFC official, the UFC and Strikeforce fighters will be divided into four groups depending on their number of Twitter followers.

Every three months, the groups will be judged on most followers, largest percentage increase in followers and most creative tweets.

The winners in each category in each group will get US$5,000.

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