Twitter Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated (Or Expensive)

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What Would You Pay For A Tweet?

I read a news story today about a Philadelphia councilman who has been paying $28,000 to an outside contractor which is running his Twitter account. On the surface this might seem like an effective use of taxpayer money to some–seeing as how Twitter is a tool which can be used to reach a younger demographic, however, using an outside contractor instead of Tweeting his own thoughts undermines its effectiveness.

Twitter is a fantastic communication tool for personal and branding use. However, it is built on the understanding that the person (or entity) you are Tweeting with is who they claim to be. There are certainly examples of celebrities using outside services to manage their Twitter accounts, and there is nothing wrong with any business outsourcing their Twitter campaign, however, if you are an individual, perhaps especially a public servant, being not only responsible for your Twitter account but also actively using it is an imperative.

There is no substitute for YOU. You are who people expect to find when they dial your cell phone number and so too you are the person they expect will be checking in to your Twitter account. We constantly remind our clients the importance of being hands-on when it comes to their entire social media campaign. We can take care of the bulk work–scheduling Tweets or posts; responding to customer questions, providing directions or instruction. But when it comes to questions specific to YOU, YOU are the best source of this information.

Before you completely outsource your Twitter consider how this might impact your core business, or how it might impact the people trying to reach you via your network. You don’t need to do all the work yourself, but you should be certain you upholding the principles you have set for yourself and upholding your end of the bargain when it comes to your relationships with the people you are connecting with.

Kenney says he sometimes tweets on his own and otherwise approves all tweets written by ChatterBlast, although one tweet from Kenney’s account last year wrongly said he wasn’t up for re-election.

A ChatterBlast co-founder defended the contract, saying Twitter is an avenue of communication that has helped solve citizens’ problems.

Click here to read more about the councilman.

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