Twitter Co-Founder Launching New Social App

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Biz Stone has hardly been resting on his laurels since co-founding Twitter. He first returned to the helm of Twitter to set the company on the course of profitability, then set about looking for the “next big thing” in social applications.

It now looks as if he might have found it.

In a statement Stone said, “Tony Stubblebine and Jon Crosby have created an interesting new application for unlocking human potential through positive reinforcement.” He has clearly attached himself to the project, but in what respect and what the site will do, is still unclear.

This week Stone and a couple fellow web entrepreneurs announced they have a new social app coming soon, though no exact date has been released. the new app is called “Lift” and among other things Stone says it will help “unlock human potential.”


It seems likely the site will be aimed at helping people track or enhance their social productivity. The company also seems to be aiming at business and personal productivity, however, according to some sources, though it still remains unclear exactly how it will do that.

Early adopters (and you know who you are) are welcome to sign up at the main site, but all you will receive is a blank site and email telling you the site is not yet ready to be open to the public. Industry insiders will be watching very closely to see what the trio of techies have in store for the rest of the world. Given their past successes hopes are high that will be something grand and wonderful, though even that is not clear.

Tony Stubblebine, who is serving as CEO of Lift according to the company’s email autoreply, had more to say on his Stubbleblog. According to Stubblebine, the venture is being funded through investments from Twitter’s Evan Williams and Jason Goldman, in addition to Biz Stone. Stubblebine said Lift is “a long way from opening the doors,” and that the fledgling company is currently seeking a user-experience design lead.

It’s not yet clear what Lift will actually do, or who its target user will be. The three cofounders all come with deep social media pedigrees, with Stubblebine having most recently created the events-based social network Crowdvine and Crosby hailing from companies like Path, Songbird, and EngineYard.

Over on ReadWriteWeb, Marshall Kirkpratrick has uncovered what may be an interesting clue as to the company’s underpinnings, noting that a previous Stubblebine venture, Mibbles, now redirects to Based on that information, one might surmise that Lift will offer a way for users to track their projects and daily activities socially while receiving awards for progress made against their goals.

Social productivity, if that is Lift’s aim, is not a new field, but it’s one that badly needs some significant leadership. However, Lift appears to be more broadly targeted at encouraging any kind of activity, business or personal.

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