Turkey Social Media Explodes

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It Takes A Disaster

Sometimes people don’t know how good something is until they are actually forced to use it for their own survival. Like social media. This seems to be the case with social media. Over the past weekend a devastating, 7.2 earthquake struck Turkey, killing dozens of people and devastating the region. Rescuers have been streaming into the country even as strong after-shocks continue to rock the landscape.

While all this turmoil was going on people turned to social media to reach their loved ones, communicate about the devastation and share the news with the outside world. In its most benevolent use, social media sites have already been established to help support the victims; raising money for people left homeless and with no future resources available. Similar social media networks were set-up following the disaster in Japan and the tornado strike in Joplin, Missouri. They not only raise funds with these sites they also mobilize teams of experts to the most needy areas, speeding relief and helping thousands.

Much like in past disasters these new social media helping hubs were established within hours of the event, creating a repository of information for people trying to learn more about what happened and how they can help. They have helped find homes for the homeless and helped unite people with their missing loved ones.

This is the true power of social media. It can motivate people to do good things for their neighbors; their friends and family, of course; and people they have never met before.

Leverage this power for your company and see just what social media can do for you.

Following the impact made by the campaign, the İstanbul Governor’s Office decided to officially coordinate the campaign in order to avoid any possible deviation from its true aim. People who want to help can reach those in need by calling the İstanbul Governor’s Office at 0212 455 5675 and 0212 455 5675 or sending an e-mail to afet@istanbuladm.gov.tr at any time of day.

Meanwhile, Selahattin Demirtaş, co-chairman of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), posted a message to his Twitter account page, saying: “The aid coming from every part of Turkey for the earthquake victims in Van is a sign of brotherhood. Thanks everybody for the aid.”

Examining the earthquake zone with BDP Co-chairwoman Gültan Kışanak, Demirtaş shared his first impressions on Twitter, saying: “We are at the Canikli village of Van, where all the buildings collapsed in the earthquake, even the three-storey school collapsed. Unfortunately, there are 10 dead in the village.”

Demirtaş also said that the first aid has arrived in the region. This aid is a sign of brotherhood, but there are still many things to be done for people in the region. He added that the Van Governor’s Office and Municipality and nongovernmental organizations should coordinate the distribution of aid to ensure that donations make their way to every part of the earthquake zone.

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