This Week’s FREE #SocialMedia eBook: Is SMO the New #SEO?

by Krissy Brady · 2 comments

Attention Social Caffeine Addicts:

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This week’s freebie:

Is SMO the New SEO?

51VsrElhmFL__AA160_ Let’s face it, running a website and relying on free traffic can be a frustrating, tedious and confusing process.

You have just mastered SEO, were getting a handle on Social Media Marketing, and now there is a new key phrase – SMO or Social Media Optimization.

The difference with SMO is that social media marketing has the potential to send your profitability through the roof. But you have to do it well.

Social media is for building relationships and is more effective than attending seminars, trade fairs and talking to people on the shop floor, but you have to do it properly and you need tools to help you along.

SMO and SEO work together hand in hand; the advice and tools outlined in ‘Is SMO the New SEO?’ will allow you to develop a marketing plan which is both highly profitable and sustainable.

Available for FREE on from 12/20 – 12/24!

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Krissy Brady

Krissy Brady is a freelance writer from Gravenhurst, Ontario. She freelances for women’s magazines and is currently writing her first screenplay. Like the women she writes for, she wants to have it all, but first needs to figure out what that means.

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Hyd imarks March 16, 2013 at 3:03 am

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Portman June 14, 2014 at 3:22 am

hi Krissy Brady, nice article with good information.Social media is makes popular faster . your article is really good. Every company is using social media to get popular.its playing major role now.go here


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