This Video Took Me To Hell And Back (Spam)

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Believe it or not I was torn about this video and it’s grade as a social media marketing success. Twenty seconds in I was convinced it was spam, but it had over 3 million views, so I grabbed some Elmer’s glue to keep my eyes open and on the screen to keep watching to see what all the buzz was about.

Don’t get me wrong I get it.

It had all the elements of garbage which is what seems to be popular. Zombies, killing, blood and even clothes being ripped off…yawn.

(Sorry, but had I not been writing posts on videos, there is no way I would have stuck around for over three minutes to see the end of this wanna be thriller.)

But it did get a few things right.

It told a story.

It had a hook with it’s position of pointlessness and even a bit of curiosity as I simply couldn’t see what was so “entertaining”.

I must admit I never got there until I saw the pizza delivery person read the ticket and grab a baseball bat. That was sort of funny as I can imagine pizza delivery people all over the country rock, scissor and papering it out over “bad” delivery areas.

What I found compelling (I use the word loosely) was the interaction at the end “let him in” or “not”. Once you click on that you get taken to a new video continuing the “story” and finally it had me genuinely intrigued.

Yet interestingly enough, “only” a million or so people watched the 2nd video…

Now pay attention, because do you know what’s super cool about that?

You know who wanted second helpings.

By having a CTA click through at the end you have a chance to see how “well” you did.

You know right away if your story was enough to keep them clicking and engaged with your for another two or three minutes.

Think about it – using this strategy you could get some pretty good statistics revealing if your first video delivered the punch you wanted it to. (No pun intended – get it? Pizza “delivery”.) In this case you know you nailed the first one with 7 figure viewership for sure.

But how long did they watch?

Did they stay until this end?

Did you get them begging for more of you?

In this case – it’s close…30%+ of viewers going on to the next video is pretty darn good!

But what about the other 70%, what happened to them?

You did the hardest part – got them to try and care for the first video so celebrate! For a minute…

But with all the effort you spend on creating the first video, you should be seriously focused on making this campaign even better.

Too many times we focus only getting more and more views, not doing much with the ones we have, which should be the first thing you do once you reel them in.

(There’s even a song about that – “Love The One You’re With”, so it must be true!)

Improvement through measurement should be your mission for EVERY campaign. Every strategy should have a call to action at the end so you can track your success.

Why not treat each video like post at your blog by asking a question at the end for a comment and see who answers. These are the people you focus on first. Even the negative ones can give you real insights into what worked and what didn’t.

Regardless if it’s tied to money, there is still an engagement ROI that matters depending on your goal

Here are three important goals you should have for every video you produce if you want a cohesive, strategic and therefore successful social marketing plan.

#1 Brand Awareness

This is simply getting your name out there.

Being clear on who you are, what you do and why they should care and building your voice and personality in the minds of the consumer.

You can get more complicated with this, but at the end of the day for the average Joe building an online brand, this is what you need to do in order to build an audience.

#2 Building Your Audience

Once you start building your brand via your blog, video channel, Facebook page etc., why do they come back?

Are you giving them value, even if it’s a laugh?

Are you someone worth remembering? If so, why?

Why do they care about you meaning how do you solve their problem or fulfill their needs?

Before you start any campaign, this should be foremost in your mind.

#3 Selling Product

If you start doing this before nailing brand awareness and most importantly building your community you will be very disappointed to find out people don’t like being “sold” to.

Don’t mistake that as I’m saying they don’t like to buy. Au contraire mon frere.

But to be sticky, non coupon driven and a value add brand you are only water you lead them to. Never attempt to trick them to the trough and hold their head under the water to force them to drink.

While I’d still give this video a “spam” rating, I can’t help but give a half star slam for their attempt at story telling, the plan to lead you to the next video and their ability to be “different”. However, there seems to be no point to this video that would lead to any ROI I’d be interested in.

What about you?

Lori Taylor


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