This Is Your Brand’s #1 Untapped Secret Weapon

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Who loves your brand more than you?

Nope.  Not your customer.

Your mom or dad?  Perhaps, depends how they are tapped into your will.

We could do this all day, so let me give you a hint – your biggest liability is also your biggest asset…

Your employees!  They are your biggest asset, and short of you, are positioned to earn the greatest benefit from your success – job security!

Be creative – get them involved.  Have a social media policy and clearly define the rules of engagement.  But as other brands are spending a tremendous amount of time and energy trying to get strangers to like them on Facebook, you can be running a casual Friday contest for the department that comes up with the most creative Facebook campaign.  Have a MVP of the company each month who rocked your Twitter campaign the most.

Unlocking your brand’s potential in social media can be jump started with the right internal team.

One of the concepts I teach in my books and at speaking engagements when I’m asked to talk about branding is the importance of creating internal brand advocates and giving them the freedom to talk about the brand they love and believe in.  Your employees are your most powerful brand advocates.  If they don’t believe in your brand promise, why should consumers?  Companies need to make sure their employees are not only educated about the brand image, message and promise but also that those employees have a reason to believe in it and want to talk about it.

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