The Social Media Consultant Soapbox

What Is The ROI Of Being YOU?

If you aren’t getting the results you want out of life, I recommend you take a hard core look at how you spend your time…

Do you find yourself spending too much time on “just in case marketing”?

Are you trying to be everything to all people, hedging your bets and planning for a rainy day?

I personally have five kids, own two businesses and work hard to manage a full schedule of content creation, internet marketing and social media consulting work with large companies such as Microcenter, ThisNext, Klout, Live Matrix and many others.

So yeah, you could say I know exactly how empty your engine can get.

Which is why I’m made it my mission as a social media consultant and marketing expert to empower YOU to use your power for the good of your brand, business and bottom line…

Are you committed to putting the passion and the profits back into your purpose by focusing on what you can do RIGHT now to optimize your current resources?


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Are your social media marketing strategies delivering measurable results?

If you are becoming exhausted from trying to chase down every single social media and online marketing tip to stay “in the know”, trust me I know how you feel.

Overwhelmed with options, wondering where the time goes, spending hours at my computer, yet struggling to have something truly tangible to show for it…well some days I feel like I’m just chasing my tail.

Do you find yourself falling into online rabbit holes?

Even as a social media consultant who should know better, I get so caught up in jumping from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, liking, sharing and commenting on various topics I stumble upon (pun intended!), some days I find myself drowning in the granularity, losing sight of the bigger picture.

Let’s face it – social networking is a form of mad cow disease for social media marketers all over the world.

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How Much Heart Does Your Brand Hav

Being In The Right Place At The Right Time

The key is to connect to the right people and the right information, at the right time for YOU.

In my role as a social media consultant for my clients I focus on connecting social media platforms such as your Facebook Fan pages, tweets, groups on LinkedIn , and video marketing on YouTube in order to connect your digital dots.

Many social media consultants preach a unique content marketing strategy is the only way to win online long term, which I believe is true as long as you understand what problem you solve and what value you add to the lives of your audience.

By getting into the mind and heart of your buyer, you can build an outrageously authentic branding strategy, turning even a lukewarm community into a mosh pit of rabid fans shouting out YOUR name.

Give them a chance and your customers will help YOU put YOUR  heart and soul back into YOUR brand.

Seize The Minute – Every Single One Is Precious And They Matter.

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Making Marketing Minutes Matter (ROI)

Help me, help you and I’ll show you the money…

My purpose is to energize your day with creative ideas by finding new ways leverage every single minute and marketing dollar, transforming the way you think about your business…immediately.

When I put on my social media consultant hat combined with my 20 years of direct response and branding experience you’ll get a very unique but stream lined social media marketing approach.

Because I focus on ROI, building customer loyalty and increasing the lifetime value of your customers is mission critical to your success and should be the purpose of every single thing you do.

So How Can I Help You?

Using my direct response expertise blended with big brand experience, I’m committed to combing the web each week to  bring you a daily dose of “Social Caffeine” giving you better ways to test and optimize your social media marketing campaigns.

After marketing for almost 20 years, mailing billions of pieces of mail with thousands and thousands of tests, along with a multitude of online marketing channel optimization one thing is for certain…

EVERY campaign, big or small, great or not, can ALWAYS be better.