“The Voice” Puts Social Media To The Test

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The NBC hit music show “The Voice” has proven that social media is not the death of television, it is the savior. Assuming television executives can take a cue from the new talent show and do a better job of integrating social media into their programming.

Get It Right From The Start
Right from the start “The Voice” and their team of social media managers used social media to promote the show, involve the audience and create a feeling of togetherness with fans.

Credit Where Credit Is Due
I give full credit to their team of professional social media managers, by the way, not the producers or the hosts. Sure, everyone has been on-board with involving social media right from the get-go. The fact is, without the right team to manage their social media they would have had no idea what direction to go in. And the same way a professional social media marketing team brought success to “The Voice” they can bring success to your business.
Trust me. I know.

There’s no doubt that NBC’s new hit The Voice has set a gold standard for how to create a live broadcast in the age of the social web. Coverage on the show’s ratings and social media success continues to pour in since the first season’s finale last week.

The genius behind the digital success (and the fact that The Voice has been one the most aggressive shows to integrate Twitter on the air) is that social media isn’t seen as a marketing vehicle but as core to the entire production. Here’s an in-depth interview with Andrew Adashek, the Digital Producer for Mark Burnett (and startup guy) who shared how his team of social broadcasters are creating new roles within the Hollywood production chain.

What were some of the biggest successes?

For sure, the Twitter engagement and to connect with the audience in real-time and making it accessible to the coaches and artists. Giving the artists access right away. A lot of shows would sequester, whereas we were actively encouraging it. One of the bigger successes, we were able to pull back the chains. To grow organically.

What were some of the guidelines you gave to the coaches?

We didn’t want people to give spoilers really far in advance, don’t tell anybody, don’t spoil things that would ruin it for everyone, may not ruin the competition but there’s a certain element of surprise that would be fun. Also, profanity. Artists could use their own twitter accounts. We couldn’t show favoritism towards any one artists. We had to remain neutral, we had to give a fair amount of coverage and just play neutral. We wanted everything to be open and personally.

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