The Value Of Social Media

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyThere is a hidden value to having a social media presence: You have access to customer feedback.

Remember the only feedback you received from a customer came into your business via the complaint department? Today you can solicit feedback instantaneously through your social media network.

And it’s not all negative.

In fact, if your company has been doing good works lately, your social media network might be ripe with positive feedback from customers. You might also glean some valuable information about what they think would be a great direction for your company to grow, or what you should be offering or doing or supplying.

Social media is a goldmine of valuable information just waiting for you to come along and dig it up.

Social media sites are at war for your opinion. Why? Targeted advertising. The weapons in this war are the “share”, “Like”, and “+1” buttons beside searches, video, news articles and blog posts.

They seem innocuous, but might these buttons affect the way you can express your opinion?

The original, and still prevalent, form of these buttons allows users to share content, say a video or blog post, from one service to another. You can post a link to the original content and/or write any comment you like.

Most social media sites provide individual forms of their logos, and companies such as AddThis and ShareThis use their one small button to provide a link to buttons for hundreds of social media services. Addthis, for example, allows users to share to more than 300 services.
More recent buttons do not directly share the content from one place to another. Rather Facebook’s “Like” and Google’s new “+1” buttons encourage you to express an opinion that appears to be an endorsement of the content.

The endorsement appears next to the content, but may also appear in your Facebook or Google+ news feed so that others can see what you (apparently) endorse.

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