The More Talented You Are, The More You Suck (3 Ways To Change)

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Britney Spears

Oops I've Done It Again! Britney Spears (Image via

…the life out of you, your clients and your business.

Especially when you keep tripping over your cape and getting it stuck in the telephone booth as you rush to put it on so you can keep everyone happy…

There’s so much to do, so many people are counting on you – you’ve made promises because you KNOW you can do it all!

But even super heroes can get distracted.

One click shopping, tweeting, texting and running around creating the perfect holiday for your kids, parents, friends, clients, and trying to impress random strangers who might drive by to your Chevy Chase like christmas light display you hung to wow them…

Shouting to the world, “Look At Me, I’m Winning At Christmas!”

Well that’s about as productive to your business as retweeting aimlessly, am I right?

Like a robot, you’ve been swinging for the fences all year long! Trying to switch gears to tap the heart and focus on “what’s important” during the holidays (a time for reflection and gratitude), well it’s not as easy as Kodak and Hallmark make it look, now is it?

And in this economy, how can you justify taking your eye off the ball?

Yet the holiday season is supposed to be about reflection and being grateful. Which is hard for overachiever in you to do, for sure. The pressure to have it all and keep everyone happy, can leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and even unappreciated.

But just because you may have the talent to actually do it all, doesn’t mean you should.

Not now during the holidays, and not in your business – ever.

Which is why you have to work to have defined goals. And you must create a strategy for succuess supported with proper planning and good time management. By doing this, you’ll know exactly when to say no, which you must learn to do…

Especially if you find it easy to say yes.

If you truly are multi-talented with a capacity to “do it all”, you probably struggle to set limits, because life feels limitless to you. The more talented you are, many times you lack the discipline of those who had to work much harder with less talent to be as successful as you are or as you’ve been.

This is what my friend Tony Robbins would call a “quality problem”.

Not only do you have to choose what you want to do, but you must define what’s really important to get done NOW. This inability to set limits is what causes many entrepreneurs to fail in their business.

Having too many talents creates too many distractions.

When you aren’t limited by your abilities, you actually need self-discipline to decide what’s best for YOU.  You have to plan and stick to it. The reality is, you rarely fail because of talent, or passion…

You fail because you lack self-discipline.

And I’m not talking about being Rain Man like my babies are when they want to play with the iPad!

I’m talking about productive flexibility that comes from having an open mind that’s disciplined to filter what serves your plans…

I’m telling you being fluid in your business doesn’t mean you should jump from baseball to basketball to football and back again, and still expect to win the game. It’s not sustainable.

And most importantly, if you’re an agency,  you can’t let your clients jump from one strategy to the next without proper planning and metrics in place. It’s up to you to create the map to define which hill to take.  You can only do this by definitively evaluating your wins and losses!

(Shiny pennies are good for luck, rabbit holes are safe for rabbits and squirrels are great for hunting – but other than that they should be ignored and avoided at all costs!)

The bottom line is simple…

If you struggle with self-discipline, finding it hard to set boundaries and limits, then two weeks of a crazy holiday season can easily derail 50 weeks of work even with the best well laid tracks – leading to depression and lack of motivation.

Change your attitude by filling it with gratitude, not more ideas!

Focusing on what I’ve accomplished and done well, being grateful for all opportunities I have, even the ones I missed, or balls I dropped but still managed to move forward, only serves to open my heart.

And no one – I mean no one – does this better than one of my best friends and the most brilliant writer, poets, teacher, dad, husband and friend I know, Sean Platt.

So imagine my surprise (and panic) when he sent me an email titled “I wrote this when I was sad”.

My first reaction was to think, “Thank God he’s human – he gets sad!”.

My second was to think “OMG – what’s wrong?” as I scanned down to see what it was he had sent to me. I must admit he had my attention with being “sad”!

(BTW – Your first sentence is ALWAYS your most important. Then your second. Then your third. Then the fourth – you get the point right? Every sentence to make them want to keep reading to the END, and you’re almost there right now!)

When I saw he had sent me a poem, unlike what I do when I see most poems (vomit in my mouth, because most of them suck quite frankly), I ran and grabbed a kleenex.

Because, well, because he’s that good.

(And I bet you are too, in your own way with your own special talent.)

In fact he’s what inspired this post. And I’m so very grateful he’s letting me share his off-the-top-of-his-head private poem here to inspire you. Because like so many of you, his talent and desire to swing for the fences at all costs…is his greatest gift and his biggest challenge.

It’s what he faces in this poem, which you can read at the end of this post – it’s inspiring! But more importantly, I write today to share some insights that might help anyone considering Amazon as a publishing or lead generation platform.

So please, pay attention closely to the point I’m trying to make…  

From writing books on marketing to vampires to off the charts good children poetry there is NOTHING he can’t write. But Because he’s written on so many various topics, it has presented a problem with his ability to fully leverage Amazon‘s relevance engine.

Basically buy something from Sean Platt at Amazon, or check out his author’s page to find out more and you’ll see other books he’s written. Which is both cool and confusing to a reader right?.

I mean, what’s a loyal reader to do? 

You could read his easy to ready and apply book for content creation called “Writing Online”.

You could buy an amazing and inspiring book of poetry for the kid in all of us titled “Syllable Soup”.

Or maybe you like in your face para normal thrillers like “Available Darkness” ?

And then you can even try his something new – serialized fiction- which I wrote about here, called Yesterday’s Gone?

Here’s a visual for you…

Writing Online | Sean Platt


Ok. for me, it works because I know him and the books.

But for most people?

Not so much. And the truth is, if it was another author I didn’t know, I might find it odd or worse be turned off.

Now don’t get me wrong…

In and of themselves the books Sean has written are FANTASTIC. 

Most of them have been #1 for a bit or in the the top 10 of their niches at one point. But they don’t cross pollinate naturally and most people are moving on too quick just a tad too lazy to connect the dots from one book to the next.

(He’s already figured out how to fix this and as a free tip for you: Consider using a pen name for other genres and stick to one topic for each name, until you have 3 or 4 books published before moving on to the next big niche. This is how to leverage Amazon’s relevance engine which is beyond powerful. You can read more about that here.)

It’s a “Done For You Society”, my friends.  

So while from a reader’s prospective, while an online marketer who buys Writing Online might like vampire books or poetry it’s not something you should bet the farm on is it?

(It sounds crazy when I type it out loud, right?) 

We all have things we love, things we are good at, and things we “have” to do. Unfortunately, they may or may not go hand in hand. You need to know who you’re talking to and what they want to hear before you begin to speak.

Give your people what they want!

For example, I know the people I jump horses with could care less about my social media clients.  And while I do have the ability to use a horse analogy to make a marketing point, that doesn’t mean I should write a “How To Jump Your Horse” post, should I?

The quickest way to lose credibility is to confuse someone for no reason.

To most of my readers here, talking about leg yielding, shoulder in and distances in and of themselves would sound like something that might well belong on a porno site, right?

And even thought the ole’ porno approach could generate some traffic for a while, (aka the Shock And Awe), it might not be the right traffic for a direct response and social media marketing consultant…which is my point!

If you say too many things to too many people, you are doing the “Razzle, Dazzle, Frazzle”, my friend.

You have so many plan Bs, Cs and Ds, you’ve forgotten there is a plan A. 

You see, even though you might not be an author like Sean, many of the people who come to me for help aren’t proactive, they’re reactive.  And many times it costs too much to back, causing them to face starting over.

If you aren’t testing various marketing approaches…

If you don’t give strategies the proper runway to be successful ,with metrics in place to evaluate them effectively…

Or even worse, you aren’t even allowing them to marinate before you begin to implement them…

Fear is driving your bus.

You’re so afraid of being left behind, you think it’s faster and easier to just throw shit at the wall and see what sticks, right? You tell yourself you’ll figure it out eventually.  But you waste time chasing opportunity after opportunity with not even one strategy working well right now.

On top of that, you are probably trying to get better at something before you even have data to support you should be doing it in the first place!  If you don’t have a website or even a product, why would you buy a course on Pay Per Click?

If the grass is always greener, you aren’t fertilizing your own lawn enough.

Jay Abraham’s advice is fantastic on this. He says instead of focusing so much time trying to get better at something you’re not, focus on getting great at what you’re already good at before you waste time on new things.

Otherwise it’s too easy to forget what makes you special and good at what you do RIGHT NOW.  

In an instant gratification society, the spray and pray or fire hose approach takes too much time. It’s too ineffective and makes it simply too hard on you to connect or engage with an audience to be successful.

But you can fix it simply by focusing on 3 basic principles…

  1. People need to know who you are so they can care.
  2. Don’t be all things to all people and expect to be special.
  3. If you aren’t special, you’re a commodity and you’ll need more volume that you can attract or afford to buy to make that into a real business!

Which is exactly what Sean and I learned this year – the hard way.  

So if you want a bit of inspiration of how to get from where you are now to where you want to be, read this poem written by the one and only Sean Platt and smile as you think, “I think I can, I think I can…” 


I’ll Prove I Can Do It – I’ll Make It Come True!

I’m right at the edge of getting things right
I keep my pen moving, improving the fight
Roadblocks bar my way, blurring the dream
But I leap from the page, my thoughts in a scream

I’m right at the edge, at the ledge of unknown
From crawling to walking, then flying to flown
Drawing no blanks, the pages get filled
Breathing the breath from the worlds that I build

My insides are stripped, I’ve ripped my inertia
Ambition’s abundant, I’m taking a sure shot
I’ll stand at the line, take aim with the ball
It’s nothing but net now, I’m taking it all

At the edge of exploding, the words that I’m writing
I’ll dribble and scribble and never stop fighting
I’ll look toward the future and never turn back
Marching my feet on the right of the track
I’ll will it, I’ll kill it, I’ll make it come true
I’ll prove I can do it, the last thing I do

The years have been hard, a bucket of nails
Pounded in blunders; my errors and fails
I drafted a new plan, revised and relived it
Drew a pic of my future, its colors so vivid

I’ll never surrender the best I can do
Write till the ink in my pen is all through
Type till my fingers are red and upset
Write all the words that I’ve not written yet

I’ll prep for the rep that soon I will earn
Race on the straightway, lean into the turn
Grow up and grow stronger, the longer I try
Keep my breath steady and both my eyes dry

At the edge of exploding, the words that I’m writing
I’ll dribble and scribble and never stop fighting
I’ll look toward the future and never turn back
Marching my feet on the right of the track
I’ll will it, I’ll kill it, I’ll make it come true
I’ll prove I can do it, the last thing I do

I’ll admit it was hard, but won’t greet defeat
Keep my rhythm steady, and time on the beat
Persistence my weapon, I’ll dull it to death
Turn impossible true with my dying breath

My moment’s approaching, a chorus away
As soon as my future gets fate to obey
I’ve every ingredient, am mixing them good
The nails and the screws and the glue and the wood

I’m greeting the world with a curl in my fist
Facing the sunrise, the edge of the mist
Never a U-Turn, I’m heading there straight
And I’ll be even better for learning to wait

At the edge of exploding, the words that I’m writing
I’ll dribble and scribble and never stop fighting
I’ll look toward the future and never turn back
Marching my feet on the right of the track
I’ll will it, I’ll kill it, I’ll make it come true
I’ll prove I can do it, the last thing I do

If you liked this post, please go check out Sean at his blog Ghost Writer Dad by clicking here.

Or give him a shout at on twitter @seanplatt 

And please help a sister out by leaving a comment, like this post and share it with your friends – I really appreciate your support!


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Dennis Salvatier December 28, 2011 at 11:28 am

This is a very timely message for me. As a graphic designer and illustrator I have always prided myself on being versatile, but that versatility is killing me right now. So this post has confirmed to me that my instincts are right on. I need to specialize and the two things I’m the best at is brand identity design and illustration (I can’t do one without the other). Thanks!


LoriRTaylor December 29, 2011 at 6:28 am

You go it specialize to optimize! And you could tell people what you do is…

I tell stories through pictures – what is your brand telling people?


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