Get Noticed by the BIGGEST Influencers in Your Niche (CRAZY FAST)

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Want to know the secrets I use to get 15,000 honest fans for a brand in 15 days?


This week’s featured Social Caffeine ebook is Buzzing It Up on Facebook. In this book I share the biggest secrets for buzzing it up massive on Facebook. The tips are super easy, and they’re effective because so few people or brands are putting in the hard work needed.

Buzzing It Up On Facebook is FREE until April 19. Get your copy from Amazon here. Amazon UK users: get your copy here.

After April 19, the book will go back to its regular price of $2.99.

Just in case you’d like to try before you “buy”, here’s an excerpt:

3 Ways to Buzz it Up on Facebook.

1. Upload 5 Photos Highlighting Your Services or Products

Buzz MeterOkay, I’m all about coolness and graphically wowing people when appropriate. And even though I’ve been wowed by people creatively using these images together to look cool, they don’t inspire me to do anything but admire them.

Pretty to be pretty = FAIL.

Those five photos show up on a prime piece of real estate on your page!

Unless you are a graphic designer, pretty is usually not effective.

Your photos should be used strategically, showcasing your product or service.

At Facebook, each of these photos can include a description. This is your opportunity to tie your business into your page.

Include a live link to the product or service in the description where readers could actually go if inspired to buy something from you.

2. Tag Each Photo with Your Page Name and an Influencer’s Name

Posting a photo without strategically tagging it = FAIL.

Likes are vanity, sales are sanity.

Always use your page name to tag your photos. But if you want to get the attention of an influencer, tag the photo with their name, using @name, giving them a textual shout-out in your description as to why you tagged them.

Are they the nicest person you know? The smartest?

You goal is to let them know why you admire them and why they are important to you, worded genuinely in your status update so it helps them as well.

Facebook’s tagging feature puts these types of actions on their page, increasing your chances of getting their attention. Mari Smith does this better than anyone.

(Remember – it’s not about you – it’s about them first!)

Here is a great example of this tagging strategy of a photo Mari posted of herself with Guy Kawasaki.

Buzzing Mari

Now she is a smart cookie, so she’s also using her social capital to show her prospects and followers her inner circle… but don’t panic!

You don’t need Guy in your photo for this to work! (Hey, not everyone is as connected as Mari.)

Let me explain….

Pretend you finally self-published your book. You could consider promoting it like this…

1. Add your description to the photo with a link to the book.
2. After tagging the photo with your name, include the name of your book’s fan page (if you have one and you should), tag Guy (or influencer) with @fanpagename.
3. Then you should add a link to the photo in your description to his page where he’s promoting his book…

“I’m super excited about my new book, Title, which you can find at [http://link]. I have to give big shout-out to @GuyKawasaki for giving me such a great marketing strategy to model with his book @Enchantment.”

It’s important to make sure you’ve liked the page of your influencer BEFORE you do this, so you can use the Facebook tagging strategy correctly with a link to his page in the Facebook drop-down book as shown.

To make this work, again AFTER liking his page, when you type the @ sign and the first letter of his name, you’ll see it as a drop-down from Facebook. You can highlight to select it, hit enter, and you will have effectively ensured Guy would see it on HIS page. While on the topic, get Guy’s book Enchantment. It’s fantastic.

3. Add Descriptions to Each Photo With Live Link(s) to Your Site(s)

This is super important. If you aren’t doing it = FAIL.

In your description, always include a live link to a product, service, your blog, etc. Remember, they are called Facebook fans for a reason – they aren’t really yours until they’ve come to you outside of Facebook. You want to include anything that might, someday when snowballs start freezing in Hell, get someone to leave Facebook and check you out.

It’s simple. You simply add a fun comment and casual link to your site like I did here:

You can also link directly to an opt-in or sales page, which I highly recommend.

I usually create more than one sales page for clients’ products depending on where the traffic is coming from. So should you, meaning, don’t be over the top with your approach to convert them.  It doesn’t work.

What converts for traffic at my blog does NOT convert from Facebook.

By focusing on doing this consistently, casually, and carefully with a dash of crafty, you should see an increase in your blog traffic, shop, or company website.

You want to gently remind your fans you have a life, albeit small, outside of Facebook, giving hints that, “Gee, I’d love to share all my great ideas and free tips with you that you can find at my site if you’re interested.”


This blog post is an excerpt from the Social Caffeine ebook, Buzzing It Up On Facebook. Download your copy from Amazon here. Amazon UK users: get your copy here.

Lori Taylor


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Aaron Zakowski April 18, 2013 at 3:59 am

Great strategies Lori! I just found your blog the first time via a FB post from Mari Smith. I’m very impressed by your content. I just downloaded your book from Kindle and can’t wait to read it.


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