The 3 Critical Ingredients To Having High “Social Capital”

by Lori Taylor · 1 comment

I believe someday we’ll get back to a barter system, only it will be a system of trading social capital.  Just like farmers, black smiths, vets and even doctors all traded goods or services to pay for their services rendered, so shall the accountant, the sales person and the marketing genius, respectively, just to name a few.

The internet has enabled us to find like minded people with similar visions much easier than it’s ever been before.  Is it so unpractical that a marketing person would partner with a technology geek and a graphic designer to create a business they can all three profit from?

As you begin to think about how much you might be worth to others, please make sure you’re focused on these 3 key ingredients to create the ultimate recipe to become a person of high social capital worth.

1.  Your Network Is Your Networth, so having a broad and engaged network is powerful.

2.  You Are What You Think, so you better think smart, quick and be unique.

3.  The Proof Is In The Pudding, so not unlike a resume, your ability to prove you are more than just an idea person, but can actually take action, move things forward and get them done right, will mean everything to your social capital equation.

Social capital is earned slowly, and spent quickly. And most of the time, the withdrawal you need to make in order to ask for something of significance from your community is proportionally larger than you might think. We humans have much better short term memories than we do long term, and while Janet may have asked What have you done for me lately?, there’s even more to it.

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