The #1 Way To Rock Your Business With Testimonials That Matter: Get Them To “Testify” (5 ways to do it!)

by Lori Taylor · 2 comments

Testify to justify and watch them buy.

Can I get an amen, brother?

Unless you’ve already seen this emotional, poignant, heart wrenching video – with the most unbelievable ending you could ever hope for – you have never seen a testimonial “Done right”. At least not like this.

(Even if you think “it’s too long” in the middle –  he’s not a professional marketer – this story just unfolds – when you stay with it you’ll see it was worth the “wait”.)

If nothing else please take 4 minutes and 52 seconds to honor this man who has been to hell and back, getting home with the help of a stranger who wasn’t even sure he could help. But he tried. And I cried. So will you.  Guaranteed.

Just imagine getting a gift like this from one of your customers or partners, much less GIVING one…

What did you think – were you moved?

I was!

Did someone you love come to mind, who you know without a doubt needs to see this video?

Of course they did.

Did the yoga Guru get my money?

No, not directly.

But he got my time, which was more valuable in this case.

You see I was so inspired I took the time to share this with everyone I knew via my networks, and even email. I also wrote this post on a whim. Not for the intention of selling yoga programs, but because it provides a vivid illustration of how you can be a better marketer.

This video touched a bigger story inside me, and from that story I want to give you a strategy to rock your business with testimonials… 

Boosting sales from existing clients is the single most powerful way to double your income. Testimonials motivate them to buy more AND root for you! 

5 Ways To Inspire Your customers To TESTIFY

1. Be extraordinary and worthy of their devotion. Your product or service must deliver on your promise to smash your customer’s problem to smithereens. You offering must be so good it’s a no brainer. Your customers HAVE to have it, and when they do, they become raving fans.

2. Be like MasterCard – everywhere, for everyone. Facebook is the perfect social place to share inspiring videos, it’s where pretty much everyone hangs out. However videos uploaded to Facebook are harder to share externally than other social networks – at least on mobile. So why not post the video to your blog too? And YouTube, Tumblr and every other place that has videos? The more the better as long as you tailor your approach for the platform. Tweet about it and grab their attention as this post describes: 23 Power Headlines to Turbocharge your Tweets.

3. Be relevant. Consider writing short guest posts linking to your testimonial videos on other blogs where your audience hangs out. This will give you SEO benefits. Remember to also link to the videos not directly at your blog to avoid being penalized by Google should you get a massive hit. Sure Facebook and YouTube are the typical places to go, Captain Obvious, but you can get more creative than that.

If you owned a gym you could use this video at Pinterest perhaps labeling your board “The Most Inspiring Testimonials Ever” with a call to action you put ON the image that says “You can lose 100 lbs. and be happy again too, just click here”.

For a Social Caffeine ebook on how to do this – go here 

4. Treat your digital assets like gold, using testimonials to be more helpful to those struggling with problem you solve.

Power points: Use your testimonials to get inspired and create content, like a powerpoint for your clients. Load it up to slideshare for everyone to see.

Ebooks: Aggregate testimonials into a short ebook to put on Amazon or integrate them into a book you’ve already written. For my Social Caffeine series of ebooks it could be the top 10 Reasons You MUST Hire An SMO Expert. Use the video transcription to create book content, or to promote your ebooks. Alternatively, you could go in a different direction and create a short ebook titled “The Best Recipes To Create The Ultimate Testimonial.” You could find stories like this, or others – and interview the people yourself who had the experience.

Reviews at Amazon: Hopefully your “friend” who testified via the video would leave as a review at Amazon to support their original testimonial. This furthers your credibility. A review like this would be perfect: “Yes you should get this product. I mean every word I said. I would not be where I am today without Lori R Taylor.”

5. Reach out to Partners and Influencers in your niche: Marketers love to share their awesomeness. Casually ask about the best testimonial they ever got and why it mattered to them. Try sending out an email asking for the “best testimonial you ever received” and what it did for their business. Start with subject line: “Who Else Believes They Could Save A Life?”

CONCLUSION: Check List To Getting More Testimonials That Matter

1. As your network for help. This includes family, friends, business partners and your customers. Reward them for their kind words.

2. If you don’t have the customers you want, go find someone who does. Ask how you can be of service to them. Contribute to their blog, Facebook, Twitter – be
their biggest fan. Help them more than they help you.

3. Send helpful things to your peers, influencers AND your customers. If it helps you, send it to them. Even if there is no direct tangible benefit to you in doing so. For example, I know Mari Smith IS Facebook (at least in my mind) so whenever I hear a cool story illustrating a new feature I make sure to send to her. I don’t always do it publicly either. (Some things are just between “us girls”.)

At this point my business is 100% referrals, which means my prospects are qualified, clear on what I do (usually) and that helps to shorten the sales cycle. Think about it, if you went to a site to consider buying something and you saw even ONE video on their site, like the one you just watched – who wouldn’t type your credit card in with your eyes closed?

If it solved your problem you would!

And that’s what I love the most about this video…

It’s a great example of SOCIAL MEDIA DONE RIGHT. Even with NO call to action at the end it does its job and gives validity to the story, his tears and yours.

So please share the video with your friends and with your children if you can…

I sent it to my 13 year old daughter this morning with a note, “This is hard. Having you as my daughter is not hard. Ever. Learn to overcome difficult situations. The no’s we hear are just faster ways to get where we want to go. Drive and heart baby, that’s all you need to have everything you’ve ever wanted.”

[Bonus tip: Who deserves this kind of testimonial FROM you? Choose at least one person and go give it – it’s a gift that keeps on giving – you’ll see.]

Lori Taylor


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Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef December 14, 2012 at 7:58 am

That. Was. Amazing. Thank you, Lori for sharing that video (and its marketing lessons) with us this morning. I’m sharing this with my networks — especially the Prosperity’s Kitchen crowd! Happy Friday.


LoriRTaylor December 14, 2012 at 8:17 am

Thank you Tea you made my day – it’s Christmas let’s all get inspired!!! You shine!


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