As a social media consultant I know here are few marketing tools more powerful than word of mouth. Any time someone takes the time to publicly sing my praises, I’m humbled by their generosity.

I’m so filled with gratitude for every kind word and will always work my best to deliver exactly what I promise – and then some. I won’t quit until we get it right – that’s a personal guarantee!

I’ve been lucky to stand on the shoulders of giants who lifted me to a level I could never have achieved on my own without their support, guidance and extra effort to help me shine.

And in the spirit of collaboration and just doing the right thing, I will always do my very best to give as many breaks as I can to pay their grace forward.

John Walsh, Executive Editor, ESPN was with another company when working with Lori R at Rev Media Marketing, LLC

john a walsh | espn“Lori I have known as an entrepreneur where she is a constant bubble of ideas. Lori I have known as a marketing force where she distinguishes herself from all others as a contemporary innovative thinker. Lori is a also a limitless source of energy which surpasses the likes of anything I have seen where she is an inspiration to all around her to believe and persevere.” May 27, 2009

Gareth Feighery, Co-Founder, Market Tamer

gareth feighery | market tamer“Creative. Effective. Capable. Passionate. These words only begin to describe the phenomenal team at REV Media Marketing. If you’re looking to take off like a rocket, they are the rocket boosters that can get you where you need to go and fast. Simply put, they’re the real deal – they figure out what needs to happen to create success and then they make it happen. And to top it off, they are a phenomenal group of people who are individually and collectively highly driven to ensure you surpass your goals.”

Erin Falconer, Editor in Chief, PickTheBrain

Erin Falconer | Pick The Brain“It has been such a productive experience working with REV. The team is completely hands on, motivated and highly creative. Their energy and passion for producing results is contagious and very effective. Our online community has grown heartily in both numbers and engagement. Even coming highly recommended, they greatly exceeded my expectations!”

Clare Stewart Munn, CEO, tcg: The Communication Group

clare munn | social media consultant“Lori has more energy then anyone I know. She talks 400 words a minute and if you catch them, all 400 actually make sense (and dollars). Her ability to think quickly and strategically about how to generate leads and sales is absolutely phenomenal. Tony Robbins suggested I connect with her, and from the day we did, we have done projects together ever since. Lori is also very funny, kind and compassionate. If you are looking for things to be done quickly and looking for ways to generate revenue, Lori is youranswer and an absolute joy to work with. She is the other ‘leg’ I’ve been looking for ever since Zimbabwe fell into the gutter. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Rick Hastings, Senior Executive Sales, Worldcolor

Rick Hastings“Lori Taylor has founded and heads one of the most professional firms with whom I have been associated in my 30 years in the business world. Rev Media Marketing has a professional well trained staff and they understand the mission and direction of Lori’s company. As a senior marketing and sales executive with Worldcolor, the second largest commercial printing company in the world, we are working with Lori and her COO, Michelle Ruble on a broad based project that can evolve into a number of other projects with mutual profitability. I would whole heartedly recommend Lori and her company to anyone with an idea or strong vision for success in the marketplace.”

Josh Jenkins-Robbins, Partner, Treehouse Search Engine Marketing

josh jenkis“Lori is a powerhouse! Her creative vision and passion for her work are second to none. Its rare to find a person with her level of excitement and effectiveness all wrapped up in one package.”