Team Caffeine’s Bold Blend: #SocialMedia Links for August 16th

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Team Caffeine Bold Blend

Team Caffeine’s Bold Blend is our Friday boost of inspiration to help you kick start your weekend.

This is content we’ve hand picked from across the Internet because it gives us a buzz we know you’ll love too.

In this week’s round-up we’re getting our buzz on Facebook:

Plus, we’ll reveal the tool that’s crushing Facebook (and Twitter) when it comes to marketing.

Facebook Insights has always been a must-use tool for social media marketers since it launched in 2011. Now Facebook has given Insights a makeover, providing access to more data about your fans than ever before. With the new Insights, you can easily find out the types of post that perform the best with your fans, and when your fans are online. Emily Thousand has the inside track.

Meanwhile, Fast Company reveal that Facebook have pulled back the curtain on their EdgeRank algorithm. Now, anyone who wants to can discover how Facebook decides which posts end up in their news feed. Facebook show all here.

And, if you’re looking for a job but don’t like LinkedIn, you might consider Facebook as an option. Joshua Lockhart also gives the low-down on four other social networks that are handy for finding work.

Finally, if you’re all Facebooked out, why not take a couple of minutes to discover which marketing tool is crushing Facebook. The answer may surprise you.

Until next week, keep it buzzing!

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