word of mouth marketing

Taking your blog visitor from first-time reader to regular buyer is an exciting process.

Each day, new people are coming to your blog to see what it’s about, and to gauge how it will benefit their everyday lives and future goals.

Below are the 5 phases of a successful marketing funnel, and the various ways to subtly direct your visitors through the process.

How to TAKE CHARGE and Create a Magnificent Marketing Funnel (Infographic)

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social media marketing|video marketingWho doesn’t love seeing the little guy win?

Even the big guys get inspired by surprising social media marketing wins by “the average joe”.

This story is awesome…

Some guy had an invention for bad breath. He presented to a group of college students and it was determined only 8% of people would be interested so he almost quit before he even got started.

Now pay attention – this is the good part…

Statistics without context mean NOTHING.

Pay attention to the numbers, respect them but then translate them to what it would mean to YOUR business.

Luckily, one brave student (maybe some would say he was too “dumb” to know better) raised his hand and said, “Yeah but 8% would still be millions of people…are you sure you don’t want to try? I’d be willing to help you.”

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Recently I had a chance to sit down with my friend, mentor and inspiration John A. Walsh, Executive Editor and Executive Vice President at ESPN. I have made no secret of the impact Walsh had on my professional career, and now I want to share his sage advice with you.

“The reason I have John here today is he’s been a visionary his whole life. He’s a humble man so he won’t like that I said that, but it’s true. The things I want to talk to John about today, which I think is very applicable to my listeners, is talking about why failure is important to success, and if we have time, what the new media means to the old media. ESPN is at the forefront of all the changes taking place. Somehow they always manage to stay ahead of the game. I give a lot of credit to John Walsh, but he would credit a great team and a lot of people that work really hard at ESPN just to keep it really exciting for their users and keep it moving forward. All that being said, I’d like to introduce John today. John, maybe give us a little background, quick overview of where you were. I know you’re a big guy in the print world, and where you were and how you landed at ESPN and what you’re excited about right now that you’re working on that you can talk about.”

Click here to listen to my entire interview with Walsh on my One Click Society radio show broadcast at Positive World Radio Network.

Click here to download the complete transcript of my conversation with John A. Walsh.