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How Visitors Use Your Website

Thanks to Marketing Infographics for the infographic.

When a visitor comes to your site you have maybe three seconds for them to calculate who you are, why they care and most importantly what’s in it for them.

Things to know…

Crazy auto-play videos scare people who don’t know you. A bunch of Google Adsense or big and busy banner ads make your visitors think they’re at Wal- Mart. And if you don’t immediately deliver what they came there for, you are pretty much screwed.

Seriously, what are some people thinking with their personal branding online?

Just be simple.

No one needs you to be the best graphic designer.

You don’t need to have a flashy (literally no flash people!) site.

Just be who you are.

Even if they hate you, sometimes a rabid mob is better than four bored people looking for the next free download they aren’t going to read anyway.

(If you really want to get serious about converting them into customers I highly recommend you check out Eric Graham’s site the conversion doctor at he’s taught me everything I know, or most of it.)

Start your site audit by taking this quick litmus test to see where your site stands in terms of user experience  and make sure you have a couple of friends do it as well to get their feedback.

Because if, I mean when you nail it?

Ding, ding, ding –  JACKPOT, you have a shot at having a real online business, I can promise you that!

Here are 7 questions your audience is asking about your website…how you answer them will help determine if your online presence needs some help.

#1: What’s In It For Me? Every prospects is always asking this question. Your website needs to answer this quickly. A strong benefit-driven headline is a must. Let people know why they should care. Let them know what’s in it for them. It seems obvious but a lot of website miss this and therefore are missing out on a lot of business.

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