viral video

Video marketing was once far beyond the reach of any but the biggest companies. The closest we came to small business video marketing were the cheesy commercials we all saw from local car dealerships. They were only “small” businesses that had enough disposable income to throw away on a full fledged video.
Times change and so has video marketing.
Today, anyone with a web cam or digital video camera can develop and produce their video marketing piece. in fact, if they are savvy enough they can make it every bit as good as a Super Bowl commercial. And because the web is teeming with sites desperate for self-produced video content it is not hard to find multiple places to upload it so the whole world will soon be watching.

Sure, you can do it yourself. You can shoot some simple video and edit the piece at home using Picasa’s movie editor software. You can ask your son to ask his friend’s cousin (the one in film school) to help. It’ll all work — especially if you keep things simple. We do recommend buying or renting a high-quality video camera, however, if you decide to do anything beyond a casual, off-the-cuff video. Flip cams are fine for more casual videos, especially for uploading to your company’s Facebook wall and other informal channels. Ideas for casual videos include:

* Quick and simple product demos – nothing too complex requiring zooming in and out or different camera angles.
* Short interviews at events, or on-the-spot customer testimonials
* Offering a timely “sneak peek” at a daily special or a behind the scenes view

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