video review

FULL DISCLOSURE: Let’s set the record straight for the haters that might take offense of me not loving these videos – I don’t dislike cats.  I have 3 cats and I adore them.  For the dog only peeps I also have 2 dogs,  and 4 horses so it’s fair to say I’m an all around animal lover.  I just don’t think every video of an animal is worth a “view”.

Wow, these might be the two dumbest videos I’ve seen in awhile. They aren’t new, so apparently I’m late to the party, and if you haven’t seen them yet, then so are you!

BUT, I have to ask, why isn’t Purina capitalizing on these videos?

Their stats for their entire channel are being dwarfed by a couple of very odd cats with only 821,787 channel views and total upload views of 1,584,399.

What?  With that budget?

Doesn’t someone over there own a whacked out pet and a flip camera?  Sheesh.

The OMG Cat Video alone as over 5,000,000 views, over 22,000 likes and 7000+ comments!


And by leveraging a user generated video, I’m not talking about the IRRITATING commercials the brands like to buy that you’re forced to watch at the beginning of top videos on You Tube. Nor am I referencing the banner ads or any other form of traditional paid marketing.

I’m referring to contacting the user that created these clips, throwing some cash to them and creating a campaign around them, like “Want To Leave Your Cat Speechless – Try Purina, Shuts Em Up Every Time?”

Or you could perhaps you could use the The OMG WTF Cat (ok, you might have to change the title) who has almost 2,000,000 views, with almost 5,000 likes and over 2200 comments.

Maybe a fun campaign for this video could be created… “I’m Watching You!”  and the story could be…

Do you really want to make your cat settle for less?

Then show bad cats tearing up houses and shoes – or worst, if you know what I mean.



Honestly, if someone sent me either of these videos “as is” I’d feel spammed or jealous of what they were smoking.

But if a brand threw their weight at these unbelievably easy (and cheap) to create videos and built a funny story around them (funny is money) then maybe they’d have a shot at building the emotional connection they so desperately depend upon with me and 12 million + other people.


Thanks to my friends at Simply Zesty I watched an incredible new video from Coke.  (If you haven’t gone to Simply Zesty to sign up for their daily viral video you should! Niall, Lauren and their team do an outrageous job at their site and this is a great service!)

What makes this a grand slam for me is they have created a video highly branded with Coke and make it about feeling good, collaboration and all around fun – which is key to viral success.  By tying it into an offline experience of getting two cokes for the price of one out of a vending machine they hit this one out of the park!

GRAND SLAM all day every day!

If you were a local business such as a restaurant or a spa just think of the possibilities for your brand!  It’s one thing to give a 2 for 1 coupon which may or may not attract your best customer long term. But what about surprising a few guests with a 2 for 1 dessert at time of service?

Or when someone comes into your spa for a pedicure asking them to book their free manicure with pedi for next visit?

Or for my client Microcenter – they could offer a special at time of purchase.  Once you buy a specific item a trigger is set and the check out clerk can say, “Hey – congrats! You just “won” a free xyz as a thanks for buying item y.”

How many people do you think they’d tell?  A lot more than if you spend the money to send them a coupon, that’s for sure.  Make them feel special and they will think YOU are special.

Watch this short video and tell me what you could do with a similar concept?

(It doesn’t have to be as “big” as this – but I have a hallucination there is something similar you could do that you aren’t doing now.)



It’s a slam alert!!!! Ding, ding, ding, ding..

I’m not worthy.



I take off my hat(s) to send a high five to T-Mobile and I hope you do!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that T-Mobile has been on viral video FIRE.  Since joining You Tube in mid 2009, their channel has exploded with over 5,000,000 views and uploaded videos that have been viewed almost 70,000,000 times.

Just recently the latest and greatest video from T-Mobile came out this month with “The Wedding”, a spoof of the Royal Wedding and new hot couple over the giant pond. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here…

T-Mobile played to their crowd by creating a movie like trailer announcing simply “something was coming” getting the buzz started a week or so before the video even came out. (Which probably explains how they got over 16 million views since posting the video on April 15th!)

But that’s not even the best part.

The best part is T-Mobile has over 22,000 subscribers – people who WANT to see their content. This is a huge number for a brand. Brands get the views, but few ever rarely get the tribal love. (Compared to Old Spice’s 26 million+ channel views and 206 million+ upload views it’s nothing – but for the UK audience, they own the title of the 2nd largest subscriber list to date.)


Because T-Mobile GETS “it”.

For example, did they name their channel T-Mobile?

NO. Who wants to “subscribe” to T-Mobile? No one.  It would make me feel like I was going to get billed.  But ask me to subscribe to “lifesforsharing” and that would feel more “organic” to me.

Does their channel look like T-Mobile?


Do you know it’s T-Mobile?


In fact, on some level the lack of branding makes you actually wonder about it  and you make a highlighted mental note as you don’t want to forget this channel because their videos rock.

So why are these videos so popular?

Because they are real with real people, real reactions and real FUN. (Even the “actors and actresses” are having a blast because they have no idea how the “other” people are going to react!)

Usually the most popular videos on You Tube are random, even though some are a bit contrived with “stunts” done by people trying to appear “organic”. But for the most part watching something unfold organically is part of the thrill of You Tube.  Stuff happens, and people love seeing it caught on camera.

The key for the bottom line is these videos aren’t just vanity, they are sanity by being relevant to the T-Mobile brand.

Any brand in the phone space at some level is related to connecting to your friends, family, business contacts – you name it.  It’s about collaboration, trust and dependability. People love seeing other people come together (Almost as much as much as a train wreck, too!)

Check out this T-Mobile video of the singer Pink, who comes out of nowhere for one of T-Mobile’s “group sings”. The crowd ignites with excitement at her appearance, and then what comes out?

The camera phones! hmmmm….thousands of people videoing the video they are participating in!  Does it get any better than that?


You can’t help but smile and laugh at the reactions of every day people being shocked by these live random events T-Mobile coordinates. As a viewer, you’re feeling good, laughing and enjoying the silliness of a moment with a few thousand strangers and then the magic happens…because what do see this passion crowd start to do?

Film this unexpected magical moment with their PHONES.

How do you think that makes you feel about your phone at some level, by osmosis if nothing else?


And in my book?

Well – that’s the holy grail of making your marketing minutes and dollars matter – that’s some nice Social Caffeine right there my friends!

Nice job T-Mobile!

GRAND SLAM thank you ma’am.