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social media marketing|video marketingWho doesn’t love seeing the little guy win?

Even the big guys get inspired by surprising social media marketing wins by “the average joe”.

This story is awesome…

Some guy had an invention for bad breath. He presented to a group of college students and it was determined only 8% of people would be interested so he almost quit before he even got started.

Now pay attention – this is the good part…

Statistics without context mean NOTHING.

Pay attention to the numbers, respect them but then translate them to what it would mean to YOUR business.

Luckily, one brave student (maybe some would say he was too “dumb” to know better) raised his hand and said, “Yeah but 8% would still be millions of people…are you sure you don’t want to try? I’d be willing to help you.”

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social media consultant|contests|kick assSimply Zesty has done it again with their recent post showcasing a social media marketing video campaign from the car company Peugeot who ran a brilliant social media campaign, bringing a classic contest to the web.

So what did Peugeot do to  get over 45,000 people from over 86 countries to glue their eyes to their ads?

They gave away a car to drive for a week as the prize!

Hats off to the geniuses both at SimplyZesty for throwing out this gem from Peugot who have knocked it out of the park with this unique viral video!

Maybe I’m showing my age, but before my life as a social media consultant do you remember the famous car contests where you had to keep your hand on the car and the last man (or woman) standing won?

In this case, it’s last mouse clicking…

Yep, you read right…

In this social media marketing campaign you had to pick from one of three cars and keep your mouse on the car. Whoever held the mouse down in place the longest won! In order to make sure no one cheated by taping down the mouse, you actually had to enter keystrokes every so often.

Did I mention you “got” to watch promo after promo all about the car you were trying to win?

Genius, don’t you think?

The winner actually held his mouse on the car for 15 hours.

Can you believe that?

Yet what should really get your motor going is the fact ANYONE could do this with ANY prize.  It doesn’t have to be a car!


1. Give away an iPad by asking them to hold their mouse on it.

You could have the ipad show different videos about your business, testimonials or product demos asking for the user to click and interact during the contest.

2. Give away a lunch with a local celeb asking them to hold their mouse on a photo of your business or product and service.

Or have it be a live cam video of you in action or people being interviewed about your services.  Use the time to educate.

3.  Offer free concert tickets to a cool band.

If you are actually promoting a band or new album – how cool would it be to run music videos and soundtracks of the songs?  Better than the radio baby!  Get them humming away and tapping their toes.

4.  Give away a dream vacation and let them choose vacation type.

You could get pretty crafty here by giving them different types of vacations to choose. Think of all the psychographic data you’d get by asking them if their ultimate getaway would be a beach, Vegas or snow ski vacation? Would it be in the US or somewhere else in the world?  What kind of car would they like to rent?  What type of restaurants would they go to?

5.  Give away a grand prize of a  lifetime supply of your supplement while giving every player an intrinsic gift just for playing.

Make them glad they played even if they didn’t win.  So in this case, have them choose their perfect body with an app that allows them to morph their head shot onto this new visual.  As they held down the mouse on the body, they could hear binary beats, affirmations etc to use NLP techniques to get manifest their new body.

The possibilities are endless, really.

I mean, heck you have their attention for hours – why not make the most out of it?

How motivated would you be to stay connected with the brand after being “friends” for 6 or more hours?

Even if you didn’t win the grand prize, having a positive brand experience for multiple hours in a row is priceless!

But it also is tedious so in order to keep a bad taste out of their mouths you want to find a way to keep the contestants entertained while they wait to win!  Considering there is only one winner, it’s even more important to please the “losers”.

If you want to win the hearts of the crowd, you must make all of them at least feel like they got value just for playing.

I hope this got your motor going – I’d love to hear what is buzzing in YOUR brain, so please leave a comment below.

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From Simply Zesty…

Renault have re-invented one of the oldest car competitions in the world for the online world with this format that lets people win a car for a week for holding down their mouse the longest. Its the latest craze in advertising which seems to be getting people to watch your ads for as long as possible no matter how much it annoys you.

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Social Media Consultant | Twitter Home RunLet’s face it, whether you are a fan or not, the guys at Twitter get it as they show in this fantastic testimonial driven video. It’s social media marketing at it’s finest!

Capitalizing on the world’s fascination with celebrities, they get video testimonials from the best of the best. High profile people like Richard Branson, Hillary Clinton, Piers Morgan, Martha Stewart, Serena Williams, Snoop Dogg, and others all took the time to share a video why they use twitter.

Brilliant. Grand Slam. Video marketing at its best.

Sure the music is a little boring, and perhaps the video is a tad too long, which is ironic coming from a brand built on 140 characters at a time. But you’re compelled to watch to see who says what next.

Twitter definitely hammers their message home…

If these people who have almost any media channel they want at their disposal are using Twitter, why aren’t you?

Yet, as always, I focus on how to make this campaign BETTER.

Why not leverage the ability to do things like other brands such as Google Chrome did so you can enter a tweet on why YOU use Twitter?

Since Twitter had over one million views and assuming most of those people use their service – how fun and easy would it have been for their fans to jump on the “I Love Twitter” bandwagon too?

The guys at Reel SEO did a kick ass break down of Google’s social media marketing strategy maxing out the technology prowess of You Tube. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out this very cool video called Chrome Fastball .

It’s truly an amazing interactive video – wow!

The piece is called “Chrome FastBall.“ It’s really more of a game than a video–this is not the standard YouTube player, but a Flash piece that is part-video, part-game. At first it appears to be a standard video of a cute little Rube Goldberg device. But then every few seconds the video stops, splits itself in two, and little puzzles and tasks emerge in the center for the viewer to perform before the video can continue. The goal is to be as quick as possible, to help the ball get to the end in record time… they want you to be “Chrome-fast.”

From asking for your input to “get directions”…

Social Media Consultant | Lori R Taylor | Video Review

Image Credit ReelSEO


To asking you to tweet out the fastest ball…

Social Media Marketing | Lori R Taylor | Video Case Study

Image Credit ReelSEO


To even showing you how easy it is for Chrome to translate a tweet for those of us who are lame and only know one language, they rock it.

Social Media Consultant | Video Marketing

Image Credit ReelSEO


I have to admit it got really fun when I was asked to spell the word BRIDGE by using band names that started with each letter of the word, respectively.

Social Media Consultant | Interactive Video Review

Image Credit: ReelSEO

(But even the Google peeps missed an opportunity by disabling the share feature – what was the point of that? Not sure. Or maybe I’m too stupid (or lazy) to figure it out. Either way, it should have been easy for me to share and review on a blog and it wasn’t.)

In summary, I give this Twitter promotional video a BIG thumbs up and a standing ovation clap clap Grand Slam vote for knocking this one out of the park.

And what’s cool for YOU, is this is a very easy strategy for you to use for your brand, isn’t it?

If you are a local business owner with people coming into your restaurant, gym or even having you sell their home, would it be that hard to grab a camera and ask them why they do business with you?

Nothing sells you like other people singing your praises.

You can put testimonials up on your blog, site or in your communications, but honestly putting together a short video on why you are the best at what you you do is a sure fire way to open your doors to the world asking all who watch to “give you a try”.

Is this something you could do or have done for your business?

I’d love to see your videos, hear your comments and know if you believe this could drive a rabid fan crowd to YOU.

Check it out and tell me what you think.