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My reputation of being a human filter for news started back late in 2007. Not one to ever promote products via my Twitter unless they are free, super useful or for charity!

My speed reading ability has served me well with my Twitter community and after many requests, yes ladies and gents let me “help you help me help you” by giving you my most popular (sadly, I’m not sure if that equals the best) twitter round up each week.

I hope it helps you grab some nuggets and if nothing else, maybe it will help you know how to tweak your topics to transform your Twitter feed.

Or something like that…

Twitter Tip: #1 Being Fantastically Frivolous On Facebook Works

Jeff Bullas is a friend and a genius…period. If you don’t follow him or read his blog then crawl out from under your rock and start, today. He also has an infographic which is awesome. I need to do infographics in 2012 and SO DO YOU.

Excerpt from post…

One of the best tips to increase your Facebook fans is to provide what is called “liquid content” which is content so contagious it cannot be controlled. This will make people visit and “like” your page.

I have had some fun lately on Facebook posting, images, quotes, cartoons and comics that are fun and sometimes seemingly frivolous but what I have noticed is that the engagement level has increased dramatically (by more then 50%).

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Twitter Tip #2: There Are NO Magic Buttons In Social Media 

Truth is…maybe you’re not ready to be a Social Business via @jgibbard

Jeff Gibbard is a gem – you must follow, RSS blog and enjoy. He gets it because he actually does what he preaches! Yes MANY people could tell you how they became “popular” with other experts.

(Note – It’s NOT that hard – a little wind up the skirt with a couple of thoughtful answers on twitter and drive by comments at blog and you’ll probably get in!)

But does that mean you know how to get a client’s customers to care enough to get out wallet?

Nope. Not even close. And if you had ever tried – you’d realize what Jay Baer, Kyle Lacy, Jason Falls and numerous other boots on the street “gurus” who have gotten out their corporate client’s check books (deep pockets) to test (gasp – novelty I know) concepts will tell you is true.

Social media is best for customer loyalty building and customer service enhancement. 

Excerpt from post…

It’s not working for them because they don’t care.  They don’t care enough about what their customers have to say.  They don’t care to own the negative reviews and respond.  They don’t care about challenging their own assumptions about what is important to the customer.  They don’t care enough to plan what they are going to do and they damn sure aren’t sure why they are going to do something.

The truth is they want this to be easy.

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Twitter Tip #3: Engagement 101 – Always Show People YOU Care 

7 tips to humanize your brand on Facebook via @AskAaronLee

With over 250,000 followers, it’s no wonder everyone loves to “Ask Aaron Lee” for advice. And his blog is chock full of what works for him and is why he’s been able to build and maintain such a loyal fan base.  He is truly one of my favorites!

If you can’t seem to get the engagement you need, try making it less about you and more about them. If someone likes something you posted, have you considered clicking to their page and thanking them? Sharing something of theirs? Asking a question directly to them or answering one they posted.

“Give more than you get to receive exactly what you deserve!” Lori R Taylor

(I just made that up, give me a shout out at twitter if you like it! @lorirtaylor)

Excerpt from post…

5.  Reward fans: Fans love to help a brand that they love. You can reward your fans by:

  • Doing a fan of the week where you have photos of fans on your banner.
  • Use applications such as booshaka that allows you to see who the top fans are. This shows how well fans are doing and they will compete among themselves. At the end of the week/month, you can reward them.

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Twitter Tip #4:  Facebook Wants To Thank You For Paying Them To Build THEIR Business With YOUR Time & Money

How to Build a Traffic-siphoning Marketing Funnel  @problogger 

Hello, McFly – if they only talk to you at Facebook they aren’t your customers and Facebook, Twitter, insert network du jour is the boss of you!

Are you really willing to let your business ride on the latest Zuckerberg whim? Or Google update?

No one knows this better than Darren Rose who actually had his YouTube channel shut down for a day or so last year.  And I’m not kidding. Not a spam king, no salesman there and yet YouTube decided they didn’t like his video that day?

And um, well if you didn’t know Darren is a BIG deal on line – he’s not a “nobody”. So if it can happen to him, my friend, it’s just a matter of time for the little people.

(He did get it resolved quickly, with his massive pull from the status of his Problogger 5 star reputation but would you? I’m just sayin’…)

If you don’t have a “funnel” to coax them over gently to where you can get to know them better, then you might as well add Facebook project manager to your About Me page…

Excerpt from post…

Would you let Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube and other sites control your online business? Or would you like to control it yourself?

Would you want to be in a position to lose your online income suddenly because Google decides to drop your rankings, or because Facebook shuts down your fan page or YouTube shuts down your channel? Of course, you’d like to control your own business and not be at the mercy of other sites.

To run a sustainable business online you need to create a marketing funnel where you siphon traffic from sources like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube into your funnel, and create your own traffic source.

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NOTE: If you like awesome Facebook posts, you might want to read this from yours truly, she typed humbly – thanks to Jay Baer for the comment, “Only post I’ve ever read twice – genius!” 6186 Words On Becoming A Facebook Machine (It’s a mega post!)

Twitter Tip #5 You Don’t Have A Plan, I Know It And So Does Everyone Else

The question is, is that a good thing? Read this post and find out…

Lessons From Ike: Tips for the Battle-Ready Entrepreneur via @BigGirlBranding

Excerpt from post…

Dwight D. Eisenhower, five-star general and 34th President of the United States, knew what it meant to be a leader. From humble beginnings as the third of seven boys, “Ike” rose to command the Allied troops in the invasion of France and Germany and went on to lead desegregation in the army as President of the country.

Like all great leaders, planning was the basis of Eisenhower’s leadership.

Whereas plans are stagnant, planning evolves. And Eisenhower knew that a leader must constantly adapt to changing situations. A leader must constantly be planning. In battle, pursuing a stagnant plan means defeat; planning, however, evolves to solve problems.

So how can Eisenhower’s words help a budding entrepreneur? First we need to take a look at why plans are useless.

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Twitter Tip #6: All Your Sales Will ALWAYS Come From A “B”

Even Though It’s Called B2B, There’s Still A “C” On The Other End via @JamieCrager

Oh this was a personal favorite because she hit my pet “P” with this one!

I can’t tell you HOW many times I’ve heard, “Oh that won’t work for us – we’re B to B”.

Let me break it down for you…

B2B = my business wants to sell something to your business

B = buyer at respective business you want to sell to

B = consumer

It’s not so much WHAT you say or HOW you say it, it’s the medium you choose in which to have the conversation that matters the MOST. Trust me, I’ve been doing face to face sales for 20 years. I didn’t read this in a book…

And looks like Jamie Crager has some practical experience on this as well!

Excerpt from post…

I was working at an ad agency (not my current one) and was in an initial client meeting with a man that sold cleaning equipment to businesses. He was lamenting that his business was slow and I asked him what kind of advertising/marketing he had done in the past.

He told me he had not done much. Imagine that, no business and no advertising/marketing. Go figure.

Anyway, we ended up getting the account and the first thing he wanted to create was a sales letter, something to send out to prospects. Me being a writer and all scribed such a letter, informing his prospects of all the fabulousness that awaits them if they patronize this particular company.

I emailed the initial draft of the letter to the client for review and his response back to me was something I have never, ever forgotten.

“Change the copy. It’s too personal. We are a B2B company, not a B2C.”

My email back to the client went something like this…

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NOTE: If you like this you might want to read my popular post “The 3 Dumbest Things A Client Has Ever Said To Me”

Twitter Tip #7:  IT Doesn’t Make SEO ROI, This Does…

Search Engine Optimization is Not a Technology Job! via @murnahan

I’ve always said marketing is a science backed by art. Because you need the numbers to tell you what you want to say and who you want to say it to. And that’s what ANY good SEO strategist will tell you too!

You don’t start with product, you start with the opportunity.  And this article explains exactly what I mean, better than I ever could…

Excerpt from post…

First, allow me to break away from the acronyms for a moment. “SEO” stands for search engine optimization, and it involves the art and science of helping websites to rank in the top of search engine results for given search keywords. “IT” stands for Information Technology, and one way to look at it is the people who help keep your computer network running, and who you call if your email stops working.

I just dramatically understated each of the skills involved, but that gives you an idea to start with. What I hope to explain in a way you can appreciate is that IT is a technology skill, and SEO has more to do with people than it does computin’ machines. It is a marketing skill that makes good use of technology, and not a technology that makes use of marketing.

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Twitter Tip #8: It’s Not What You Know Or Who You Know, It’s Who CARES

6 Tips to Make an Awesome Impact with Social Media via @jeffbullas

Well it’s Jeff Bullas again in the spotlight – don’t blame me, blame the analytic – most retweeted, clicked, you name it – go Jeff, I couldn’t agree with you more!

You may know I have spent the last two decades as a direct response strategist working for RR Donnelley in the Response Marketing Services Group for 17 years. If my background is of interest, or you have insomnia go here.

(Why sound old with 20 years, when you can sound decrepit with the word decade(s), right?)

What you might not know that I do KNOW with 10,000+ tests under my belt, billions raised and sold with millions spent to market…

Your offer don’t matter. 

Your price sucks.

And your design is dog doo doo, with format and copy sprayed on it like cheap perfume…

Until you find a choir to sing to, because the list – the who – the audience is your WHY – it’s everything! 

Excerpt from post…

If you’ve begun your pursuit of success and fame via social media you’ve probably found yourself spending a lot of time on your social network of choice.

There is so much great information to read and so many connections to be made – where do you draw the line?

Can you really make an impact without spending half of your day commenting, interacting, and retweeting?

Very simply, yes. But, (there is always a but, isn’t there?) you need to be efficient. Luckily, with the use of some easy methods, online tools, and a hint of discipline you can take less of your time and make a bigger impact. Interested? I thought you might be. Here are some tips to help your online voice resonate with your target audience.

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I talk more about this at my post at Social Media Examiner which you can read here.

Twitter Tip #9: Funny Is Money – Show Your Readers your Wit To Win

Most Inane Dumb Decisions via @DebbyBruck

Wow, this is just funny – and if you’re a political junkie who likes to marvel (or rant) at the dumb ways the government can spend your money, then you’ll enjoy this post from the very funny and smart Debby Bruck.

Excerpt from post…

Humor or Reality Check?

If it weren’t true, I would be laughing. Actually, I’m ROTF Rolling on the floor because of the types of decisions governmental regulations agencies make in this day and age.

My Top Inane Dumb Decisions:

Telegraph | Water does not prevent hydration

It took the European Union a whole 3 years to determine that manufacturers of bottled water cannot put a label on their product that says water prevents dehydration. What else would prevent dehydration, soda pop?

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Twitter Tip #10: What Happens On Facebook, Stays On Facebook…FOREVER

Girlfriends Talk Radio: Facebook Pages and Engagement via @MamaBritt

Nice blog over at Social Media Girlfriends.  They had a rocking radio show you might want to check out – full of great tips on how to use the “new” timeline engage your fans on Facebook and still be able to look yourself in the mirror next month.

Excerpt from post…

We had so much fun in this episode of Girlfriends Talk Radio!

As Dabney was just coming back to the light (from one of those killer flu bugs), she shared a story of a child from her son’s high school who was expelled for a tweet!

Remember, we need to keep our kids safe, but we also need to make sure they have the information they need to use social media appropriately.  Their digital footprint is permanent, just like their school records… so it is our job to stay informed and active.  Listen to the show to find out some tips and if you want more information on keeping your kids safe online, listen to this episode of Bruce Sallan’s radio show where Dabney and I go in depth with experts Andrea Vahl and Tshaka Armstrong about Online Safety.

Back to this show – we were delighted to be joined by our Girlfriend of the Month, Jeryl Jagoda of Social Media Darlings, who shared some great tips about Facebook Pages with us.  Who knew this timeline thing was going to be THE thing on Facebook?  So interesting! 

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In Summary…

#1 Which tip tingled you the most?

Please leave a comment and let me know – did you like this style of post??

#2 What tweet last week was YOUR best?

Feel free to put it below in the comments and link to YOU.

And remember as Tony Robbins once told me, “Two minds make a third mind.”

Help me, help you…how can I be of service to YOU?

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