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tom nunan

social media marketingWhat a coup! I am so pleased I had a chance to interview my friend and partner Tom Nunan on One Click Society at the Positive World Radio Network. Tom is the founder of Bull’s Eye Entertainment and was executive producer of Academy Award winning Best Picture, “Crash.” What he knows about the film industry and screenwriting in particular could fill a library. Fortunately for me (and for my listeners) I managed to get him to spill the beans on more than few Hollywood secrets during my interview.

I had done a lot of internships while I was in film school. I teach still at UCLA now. I’ve been teaching there the last 15 years or so. I really encourage students to take internships. You can be in an academic
environment and think, “I would be a great computer programmer.
I would be a great architect. I would be a great lawyer or
doctor.” Until you actually work in the environment where those
professions exist, you really don’t know. Otherwise it is, as
they say, only academic or hypothetical. What I did while I was
in school was I did several internships. I worked on movie
productions, TV productions. I worked in marketing departments.
I was a production assistant, working for producers. I finally
got a job reading scripts for HBO. I realized I really feel
comfortable in this environment. I’m really good with material.
I like the speed and the variety of content available in
television. I saw a huge opportunity there. Most of my
colleagues, like I said or like you pointed out, were more
attracted to the glamour of film at the time. I thought I could
make a pretty big impact in TV and I could always come back to
film if I want to.

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